Brodie Lee Jr. Gets In Pull-Apart Brawl With Marko Stunt, Tony Khan Says ‘-1’ Wrote His Own Promo

Brodie Lee Jr., also known -1, appeared on AEW Dark last night alongside his stablemates in the Dark Order. He took a microphone and cut a promo.

“Hey, you think you’re so smart because you got a stupid red ball on your head,” said Lee Jr. “I know what I know because I have a brain, not a stupid red ball. When you have a ball on your face, your face just looks stupid. And Dark Order will always beat you.”

-1 also confronted Marko Stunt in the ring. “Marko, every time I see you, you win with someone with you,” said Lee Jr. “In a tag team match, you always win because you’ve got a bigger person than you. When I’m older and I fight you, I’m gonna be so much taller.:

Stunt and Lee Jr. then pushed each other, and Cody Rhodes, Tony Khan and other officials broke up a brawl between the two.

In a Tweet, Khan revealed that -1 wrote the promo himself. He cut the promo off the top of his head, and Khan approved of it.

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