IMPACT Wrestling Results (1/5/21)

IMPACT Wrestling

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Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling, Kenny Omega along with Don Callis and The Good Brothers will appear as Sami Callihan takes on long-time rival Eddie Edwards and Ace Austin returns.

IMPACT Wrestling, January 5, 2020

Commentators: Josh Mathews & Madison Rayne


Ace Austin (w/ Madman Fulton) vs. Blake Christian vs. KC Navarro vs. Crazzy Steve

Ace Austin starts the match gameplanning with Madman on the outside as Crazzy Steve rubs himself. Ace grabs him by the leg and pulls himself out of the ring. KC and Blake go at it. Dropkick to the ankles of Blake. Ace then pulls out KC and attacks him as well. Ace and Blake in the ring. Ace gets head scissored by Blake but Ace turns it around and stomps before Steve tangles him in the ropes. Big head scissors by KC to Steve send s him outside. He downs Ace and goes up top but Blake shoves him hard off onto the entryway. Ace goes to suplex Blake off the tope but Steve runs interference.  Blake wriggles free and kicks Ace for his troubles before vaulting on top of KC. He soon tope dives on top of Blake (targeted for Ace originally). Fight gets focused on Steve and Ace in the ring. Ace hits a modified DDT for a close fall. KC gets back in the ring for a pretty flipping neckbreaker. Two count.

Blake hits a springboard frogsplash on Ace and gets a very close fall, but it’s broken up. It’s soon Crazzy Steve who holds corner as he DVDs one of his foes on top of the other two. Steve soon gets the pinfall win on KC. He’s moving onto Genesis for the Super X Cup.

WINNER: Crazzy Steve

We cut to Sami in some control studio with weird flashing lights. He says he’s going to take out Eddie Edwards tonight. “Thumbs up, thumbs down.”

Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone are going to celebrate 2021 by helping the less fortunate : IMPACT Wrestling via this paid ad. Tony S. then runs down the card for tomorrow’s Dynamite of New Year’s Smash. Tony chastizes Don Callis for saying he created AEW and then says he will buy another paid add next week with the $100 his grandmother gave him for Christmas.

The Good Brothers are sitting in the tour bus with Kenny and Don. Kenny talks about being a cohesive family and even says “When you’re Bullet Club, you’re Bullet Club for life.”

Back in the ring, we see Cousin Jake who is with Rhino. This has been the hardest few weeks of his life as he pleads with Cody Deaner to come to his senses (“We can fix this”). Out comes Eric Young, Joe Doering and Cody Deaner with a shaved head and a new look. Eric Young tells Rhino and Jake that they’re looking at The Design before they saunter to the ring.


Rhino & Cousin Jake vs. Joe Doering & Cody Deaner

It’s Jake and Deaner staring at one another. Jake pleads with Cody, but Deaner goes nuts on him with punches and attacks in the corner. He does this for awhile before making the tag. Joe Doering hits a massive running cross body on Jake as we cut to break.

Back from it, Deaner is on the attack on his cousin. Cody goes for a suplex but Jake lands on his feet and tags in Rhino who is feeling it with a flurry of attacks on Deaner. He then tags in Jake who tries to shake Deaner from his spell. Doering pulls Rhino off the apron and Deaner hits a low blow before smashing a DDT on Jake for the pinfall.

WINNERS: Cody Deaner and Joe Doering

Post-match the new trio attacks Cousin Jake and Rhino. Out comes Tommy Dreamer with a kendo stick. Tommy gets on the mic and challenges the three to an old school rules, three-way tag at Hard To Kill.

Matthew Palmer talks about how he’s a security guard turned wrestler tonight to face Moose. He didn’t travel 10 hours to be a security guard, but to be a wrestler. He’s then asked what if he survives the three minutes against Moose? Matthew didn’t think about that, but he guesses the world will know who Matthew Palmer is.

After break, Acey Romero comes into Johnny Swinger’s “mayor office” with a detective cap on. Acey inquires about Crazzy Steve, but Swinger recommends that he talks to the Knockouts.

Taya has been very disrespectful to Deonna Purrazzo over her past run-ins with her and now she’s going to face Taya Valkyrie at Hard To Kill. Will she finally accept reality or continue to accept this downward spiral of delusion and denial? That cues Taya and Rosemary to come out. Taya says Deonna really is delusional. Taya is the longest-reigning Knockouts Champion in IMPACT Wrestling history. Deonna’s never faced her. Not here, not anywhere. Deonna notes that she beat Jordynne Grace for the title even though Taya beat Jordynne for that belt. She notes that her husband isn’t there anymore too. They should call this current era “The Age of The Vitruosa” That accolade will fade away when she breaks Taya’s arm. Taya isn’t impressed and says she’ll become a two-time Knockouts Champion and it will be the “Era El De Wera.”

Things between Rohit and Chris Bey get a little tense backstage, but they find common ground at revealing TJP as Manik. They go and find TJP and the two  challenge TJP and Manik to a tag match. TJP says him and Manik do not get along, but if he sees him, he’ll let the X-Division Champ know.

Tenille Dashwood approaches Rosemary and says she understand what it’s like about having a split with a partner. What she’s trying to say is when one door closes, another one opens. Rosemary says she’s not interested and says “be gone.”


Knockouts Tag Team Tournament Semi-Finals

Jordynne Grace & Jazz vs. Havok & Nevaeh

Nevaeh and Grace start it off. Lock up. They change headlocks & hammerlocks. More pin opportunities. Nevaeh strengthens out of a standing switch. The two continue to go back and forth.

Tag to Havok. Big shoulder tackles to Jordynne and she tags in Jazz. The two stare one another down. Havok shoves Jazz and Jazz hits her hard. Havok fires back and they go back and forth. Big elbows from Jazz and it corners Havok. Havok, however, clotheslines Jazz in the opposite corner. Tag to Nevaeh. Havok sends her splashing into Jazz in the corner. Pin attempt and Jordynne breaks it up. She and Jazz soon give a back elbow to Nevaeh. The legal woman is Jordynne and she gets a two count. Jazz and Jordynne working well together as they isolate Nevaeh. Open palm strike to her before a tag to Jazz who wrenches the neck. Tag to Jordynne again as Nevaeh is trapped in their corner. She finally hits a neckbreaker on Jazz. The ref begins counting as both women are down. Grace and Havok both get tagged. Havok boots a sitting Grace in her respective corner. Sit-out powerbomb for a two count. Jazz jabs away at Nevaeh and then does the same to Havok who gets rolled up by Grace for a two count.

Havok chokeslams Grace. Jazz tries to put Havok out, but Havok hits a tombstone on Jazz and gets the victory.

WINNERS and ADVANCING to the finals: Havok & Nevaeh

Rich Swann is standing with the Motor City Machine Guns. Sabin says they don’t take kindly to Kenny and The Good Brothers trying to take over IMPACT Wrestling. Rich says the same. “Pain is only temporary but pride is forever.” Alex Shelley says they should go kick their asses in their camper. They head off to do so.

After break, MCMG and Swann make it to the tour bus, but get gang attacked by Kenny and The Good Brothers from behind. Kenny talks some trash and says “see you at the pape!” before stomping on all three.

Backstage Jordynne apologizes to Jazz. Jazz says losing was not part of the plan. Kazz says no apologies required at all. Jazz says she’s grateful and she appreciates it. Jordynne respectfully challenges Jazz to a match at Hard To Kill and she accepts.

Deonna and Kimber Lee await James Mitchell to finish Su Yung’s transformation back to Suzie. Unfortunately, James Mitchell doesn’t change her to Suzie, but a business-like persona named Susan.


3-Minute Challenge

Moose vs. Matthew Palmer

Matthew starts hitting Moose but Moose hits two uranages. Moose mounts Matt and punches him as he takes his jolly good time. Kick to the mid section. Matt punches back but nothing doing as Moose continues his assault. Down to a 1:3o in the match.  He vaults Matthew across the ring. Matt fires back but hits a boot before a massive powerbomb. Under 30 seconds left, but who comes out: Willie Mack. That distracts Moose enough for Matthew to last three minutes.

WINNER via time limit: Matthew Palmer

Ethan Page is expressing his thoughts to his alter ego, Karate Man. They challenge one another at Hard To Kill.


Eddie Edwards vs. Sami Callihan

There’s basically no entrance at all as Eddie attacks Sami right from the get-go. The bat is involved but Eddie gets chair shotted several times. Sami hits the steel post accidentally with the chair and the two continue to brawl it out. Sami steps on Eddie’s lower extremities, but Eddie soon fires back with a headbutt and we go to break.

Back from break, the two men continue to fight on the outside. Eddie clutches at his eye as Sami smashes a steel chair in his foe’s face with a bell hammer. The two duke it out but Sami gouges the eye of Eddie. Match still not officially started at this point. Sami is bleeding from his right eye but rakes the back of Eddie. Chops and shots against the barricade. Sami flings a chair at Eddie’s skull who topples over. Sami feeds the knee in the corner of the barricade to Eddie. Eddie then gets suplexed into a set-up chair. Sami finally sends Eddie into the ring. He enters and then rings the bell finally. The two fire away at one another. Eddie gets the upperhand. An angry Eddie shoves the referee and Sami does the same when the shoe is on the other foot. More shots traded. Both men go after one another’s eyes. Both men shove down the ref and he throws the match out. The two continue to fight. Eddie finally gets hold of the bat and Sami tries to beg him off on the entryway. Sami pulls out his phone and hacks the arena. The big screen shows Alisa trapped somewhere. Eddie hits Sami with a baseball bat before going to search for Alisha. He finds her but gets attack by both Ken Shamrock and Sami. They tangle Eddie in front of Alisha with barbed wire before giving him a hard shot with the baseball bat. Fin.