Hoodslam’s Dark Sheik Is Starting A New Religion: The First-Ever Church Of Wrestling

Women’s Wrestling Talk formerly Women’s Wrestling Weekly at Afterbuzz TV has relaunched with a new look, new talent, and a whole new set of interviews for wrestling fans. Hoodslam’s Dark Sheik was the show’s most recent guest; you can check out highlights below:

Dark Sheik Talks About Acceptance In Wrestling

“I will say there is definitely like a shift. Shift maybe a little bit too generous., but there is a change though. People are like… it’s not like wrestling is starting to like be wiser… the fans are starting to be louder on what they want to see. And most of the time, that’s representation and storylines that don’t feel like they have been written by some white man who has no perspective of the people they are writing about. So, you are seeing a lot more of that demand, and it’s always been, you know not to plug Hoodslam again; we’ve always said what separates us is a lot of things, but as a rule, we don’t insult the audience’s intelligence..”

Dark Sheik Talks About The Changes in Wrestling

“I feel like and I’m not really faulting this, but what’s happened on television, things have become so produced and overproduced that the spirit of wrestling is kind of lost. It’s really shiny and really polished and I’m not saying it’s bad. But the moments of spontaneity and creativity come from the performer I think are really muffled. And they are not able to excel and find themselves. Maybe they are not all ready today, but like Steve Austin wasn’t Steve Austin the first day he wrestled..”

Dark Sheik Is Starting A Wrestling Church

“I’ve started a religion. A church of wrestling, I’ve done the government paperwork to make it legit. And it’s the first one that has ever been done. And I’ve seen churches for Star Wars and Simpsons and so many other things. Why not for wrestling? Why don’t we put that love really first, really put it up front and really look out for each other within that? ”


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