Backstage News On Original Plans For Goldberg’s Return, What Happened After RAW Went Off The Air?

Goldberg is back in WWE once more and as it turns out, the company had some slightly different plans for his appearance during Legends Night on RAW.

According to, Goldberg’s confrontation of WWE Champion Drew McIntyre was not supposed to go on last, and the original plan for the show was for Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton to close RAW. The decision was made late in the day to close with the McIntyre vs. Keith Lee match and run the Goldberg angle, who was “very much hidden backstage” until he entered the ThunderDome.

It was noted that Goldberg’s name was not listed in the RAW script, and that McIntyre was initially going to cut a long promo to set up his appearance. The show was running long, so McIntyre’s promo was cut from the segment and they just jumped to Goldberg’s appearance. Also, PWInsider noted that McIntyre hit “Da Man” with a Glasgow Kiss after the show went off the air, which was the original planned ending.

Goldberg showed up and challenged Drew McIntyre to a title match at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, but WWE has not officially confirmed the bout will take place as of press time.

Other show notes included a small change for Hulk Hogan’s show opening promo, which was originally scheduled to take place in the ring. The decision was made by WWE to have Hogan, who also sat in on the production meeting with Ric Flair, to do the segment backstage instead.

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