WWE Is A ‘Likely Destination’ For Marty Scurll, According To Dave Meltzer

Marty scurll

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Marty Scurll is no longer with Ring Of Honor and although it would appear that his involvement in the #SpeakingOut movement would make him a risk to promotions, some might still be interested in bringing him in.

According to Dave Meltzer on the most recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio (via ITRWrestling), Scurll could once again be a target for WWE since they previously had him on their radar in 2019, and also noted that Scurll will also be eager to find work in the United States.

“It’s really interesting what’s going to happen to him because he’s got to have a job to stay here. I think that’s part of the provisions of his deal. He owns a home, so he’s going to be forced out the country if he doesn’t get another job. A year ago, he got the biggest contract in ROH history and he got big offers from WWE and AEW, and AEW at one point thought he was going and ROH really wanted to keep him, he was going to be the head of creative and the whole thing happened with the allegation.”

Meltzer then stated that going to All Elite Wrestling would be difficult for Scurll considering the backlash they—or anyone—would get for signing him. He stated WWE made the most sense since they’ll move forward with whatever plans they have, and they have a history of dealing with the negative PR for talents over the years.

“But WWE was very interested in him as well but there’s a stigma of everything. We don’t know what it is and how long it is, but for AEW it’s going to be difficult just because there’s a lot of heat that anyone’s going to get for hiring him. WWE does not feel that heat, they’re going to do what they want to do, but it’s one thing to have a guy that’s on your roster – and they have several – and just go ‘they didn’t do it’ and ‘there’s no criminal charges’, because the thing is, over the years, them and New Japan and Vince has been in charge for 38 years, and in 38 years there have been a million things and charges that involved talent. Some true, and some not true and people will go, ‘how can they do this’, and for a new company, they can go in there and they can be like, ‘oh we don’t want the bad heat’ and everything, where as the old companies can go, ‘we’ve been in this business and this isn’t an easy business and stuff’s going to happen and this is how we operate and we’re going to do what we want to do and we’re not going to be dictated to.’”

Scurll had previously issued a statement after being accused of sexual abuse in which he admitted to sleeping with a 16-year-old fan and said it was both legal & consensual.

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