Jon Moxley Appears On Wrestle Kingdom 15, Issues Warning To Potential Challengers

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Jon Moxley didn’t work a match at Wrestle Kingdom 15, but he did appear on the broadcast to issue a warning to anyone that might have forgotten he’s still the IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion.

Moxley appeared during a pre-recorded promo on the show, noting that he might not be there physically but he’s still keeping an eye on what goes on in New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Mox referred to himself as the boogeyman and said challengers think they are safe, but he’s coming for them.

“Many men have vied for that US title contract, but they all thought they were gonna get off easy. They all hoped and prayed that the United States Heavyweight Champion would never return. But I am the boogeyman in New Japan Pro Wrestling. I will get you eventually. So whoever walks out of the Tokyo Dome with that contract, make no mistake about it—I’m coming for you.”

Tony Khan recently said Moxley would not be wrestling on the show, but never said he couldn’t appear in a pre-tape. Moxley has been IWGP United States Champion for a full year as of January 4, but has not wrestled for New Japan since February because of the travel restrictions in place due to the pandemic. His last match in Japan was a successful title defense against Minoru Suzuki on February 9, 2020 at NJPW The New Beginning In Osaka 2020.

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