The Three Count: Roman Reigns’ Feud With Kevin Owens Might Be Getting Stale, BayMella Could Run The Show

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The Tribe Outsmarts Owens Yet Again

This week, Roman Reigns and Jey Uso outsmarted Kevin Owens yet again. In the closing segment of the show, Reigns got his hands dirty when he attacked “The Prizefighter” and used the ThunderDome’s screens to batter his challenger. This beatdown was somewhat different from its predecessors because Reigns utilized his environment. But it feels like practically every episode of SmackDown in recent memory has featured “The Tribal Chief” assaulting Owens. Surely, this storyline would benefit from even one show where Owens gains the upper hand on “The Head of the Table.”

At this point, it seems like WWE might draw this rivalry out to the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. To be clear, this feud has been compelling week after week. But the blue brand could ensure its long-term success by shaking it up and making Owens look like a legitimate threat to Reigns’ throne.


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Apollo Crews Could Be The Challenger Big E Needs

If WWE plays its cards right, Big E’s run as the WWE Intercontinental Champion could easily launch him into the blue brand’s main event scene. His first night as the reigning champion started his reign off on a promising note. First, Big E clashed with King Corbin, one of the show’s top heels. Sami Zayn’s interference ended the match when Big E was seconds away from a decisive victory. Apollo Crews raced to ringside and evened the odds. Then, Crews pinned Zayn in a tag team match where he teamed up with the champion.

Backstage, Crews confidently accepted Big E’s open challenge for a title match next week. That contest should offer fans an excellent clash between two impressive athletes. It will also offer Crews a chance to thrive in the spotlight for the first time since he moved to the blue brand. A win for Big E is all but assured, but Crews could greatly benefit from this match, even in defeat. Crews could respond to this loss by turning heel. Some fans have been hoping to see him display more of an edge since his somewhat bland run as the WWE United States Champion. WWE could finally pull the trigger and reinvigorate Crews’ fairly stale character. In that case, he could become the perfect foil for Big E.


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BayMella could run the women’s division on WWE SmackDown

BayMella is back, and this duo might be better than ever. Carmella and Bayley are both excelling with their heel personas. At first, it was hard to get a complete read on Carmella’s new gimmick. But she has come into her own in recent weeks. After she lost to Sasha Banks at WWE TLC, many fans wondered how “The Untouchable One” would bounce back. Now, the answer is clear. She has formed a formidable team with Bayley. If they can coexist, it might just be a matter of time before they win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship.

The former SmackDown Women’s Champion had been in quite a slump since her own loss to “The Boss.” Bayley got some momentum back when she cheated to beat Bianca Belair a few weeks ago. Still, she was searching for a defined role on WWE SmackDown before she partnered up with Carmella. At first, it seemed like WWE was throwing the two stars together for a one-off match. But after the pair’s second week together on the main roster, BayMella might be here to stay. Both competitors have proven that they belong at the top of the women’s division. Carmella is “Untouchable,” and with Bayley by her side, the two of them could be unstoppable.

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