WWE Stars Reportedly Praise Liv Morgan’s Work Ethic: ‘She Cares More Than Anybody’

Liv Morgan

Photo by Robert Prezioso/Getty Images

Liv Morgan is making quite an impression with her fellow WWE Superstars. Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful writes that other WWE wrestlers have pointed to Morgan as someone who is working hard to improve.

“‘She’s is obsessed with improving and becoming one of the best,'” said an anonymous source via Ross Sapp. “‘She cares more than anybody, I think. It’s great to see that kind of passion. Not everyone has it.'”

Per Ross Sapp, another performer stated that Morgan always does her best to make the most out of every single match/segment. “‘Even if she’s not winning or even coming out looking good, she always wants what she’s a part of to be good because she knows how it reflects on her, win or lose,'” said the source via Ross Sapp.

Another source claimed that Morgan was featured in major plans multiple times last year, and while they haven’t come to fruition yet, Morgan is not to blame for this hesitation.

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