Angel Garza Rings In 2021 With Gold As New WWE 24/7 Champion

Angel Garza

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WWE’s 24/7 Championship knows no boundaries, so it should come as no surprise that Angel Garza managed to sneak into the TikTok New Year’s Eve Party and capture the 24/7 Championship from R-Truth during the holiday celebrations. WWE cameras were there to capture the pinfall as well as Xavier Woods crying over a split trombone after Garza used it as a foreign object.

Garza quickly took to Twitter to celebrate his victory, noting that he has now ended two consecutive years with gold around his waist. This is his first run with the championship, which has been held by such acclaimed former champions as Rob Gronkowski, Mike Rome, and Santa Claus. However, he’d better watch his back, as 45-time former champion Truth will be eager to reclaim his baby.

Truth last lost his title during the Survivor Series kickoff show, which features WWE Thanksgiving mascot The Gobbledly Gooker briefly holding the belt and winning a championship for the first time in their three-decade career. Let’s hope Garza doesn’t take that long to move on to more serious matters in his in-ring journey.

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