GCW Announces Fight Forever, A 24-Hour Wrestling Telethon

Collective GCW

Tonight during their broadcast of the year-ending Good Riddance event, Game Changer Wrestling has announced their next major happening, and it’s certainly a unique one.

GCW Fight Forever will host 24 hours of nonstop wrestling from the GCW Performance Center, all streamed free over the Internet on a closed set. Fight Forever serves primarily as a fundraiser, with telethon-style donations being accepted throughout the broadcast. In addition, GCW hopes to set up comical airtime and sponsored blocks of matches during the show. All proceeds from the event are being donated to independent wrestling talent suffering due to shutdowns caused by the ongoing global pandemic.

The show will air from January 29 at 8 PM EST and go all the way to January 30 at the same time. Matches will be scheduled into “programming blocks,” with GCW working with particular wrestlers to organize mini-events within the marathon. More details on what will likely be one of the longest cards in wrestling history will be available in the coming weeks.

Game Changer Wrestling’s Brett Lauderdale provided the following quote on the occasion of this historic announcement:

“Independent wrestling is built on the passion and dedication of its talented performers. Their sacrifice fuels our industry. These athletes need support, and with no immediate end in sight to the current circumstances, FIGHT FOREVER is a historic opportunity for the wrestling community to come together and have their back when they need it the most.”

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