Mexico Hires Luchadors To Assault Citizens Who Refuse To Mask Up

Photo by Lokman lhan/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

When it comes to 2020’s global pandemic, it might be fair to say that America has had a lax response. Sure, the first few months saw a major lockdown, but businesses began to open up as the general populace got no support and needed their jobs to return. Other countries have had different reactions, with some celebrating the beginning of 2021 as a potential end to the spread of disease in their country.

One of the more curious things about America’s response is the fact that some citizens find wearing masks controversial rather than a vital step towards safety. These folks would not last in Mexico, which has hired a roving gang of luchadors to assault any citizens seen without a mask with a steel chair. One is seen getting his just deserts in a video while another is just intimidated by the performer’s presence.

Full disclosure, this is less of a sign of lawlessness and more a social media PSA for the country. Still, independent performers Lepra, Moco, Gargajo, Costal Clown, and García Jr. all walked through several public spaces and put on a show to raise awareness about masks and why everyone should be wearing them. Honestly, the threat of having an evil clown throw anything at me would be enough to get me to wear whatever they like, so the effectiveness of the campaign can’t be denied.

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