Lance Archer Proud To Be Part Of AEW Because Of Family Aspect, What They’ve Done For Brodie Lee’s Family

Even if he never stepped foot in a ring again, Lance Archer is proud to be a part of All Elite Wrestling because of how they treat family.

Archer was one of the guests during the AEW Dynamite post-show with Tony Schiavone and the two spoke about the great atmosphere in the company and how it’s more like a family than a workplace. Archer talked about how he knew Brodie coming through the business, then said he takes great pride in seeing how well this unfortunate situation has been handled.

“It’s hard to describe. You’ve been around the business as long as you have, and it’s a business. There’s times when things happen and it’s about business. It’s about money, about ‘this’, and the one thing, especially in this situation that I’ve noticed Tony and the family have done for Brodie leading into this situation—it was kept very privately until [his] unfortunate passing and I think that’s an amazing thing. In this day and age, in professional wrestling, everyone kept it private. And that’s the family aspect. That’s not something that normally happens, for as long as it went on too.

“You can’t explain it to anyone on the outside looking in, the family aspect that this company has. Like I’ve said, anything that Tony [Khan] has done for Brodie leading up to this unfortunate passing, to what he’s doing now for Brodie Lee Jr, and what he’s going to continue doing for that family—that makes me, just an employee, feel so much happier to be part of this company. I told Tony, I said, ‘you make me happy to be here, if for no other reason, if I never touch that ring again, just what he has done for Brodie’s family, that makes me proud to be part of AEW. I’m not blowing smoke up anyone’s butt, that’s real. I couldn’t care less if I ever wrestle again because as long as I’m part of this company, I’m so happy to be part of it because of everything he’s doing.”

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