Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Series 116 In-Depth Review (Photos)

On this installment of Collector’s Corner we take a look at Mattel WWE Series 116 featuring:

  • Dakota Kai
  • Roderick Strong (with Chase variant)
  • Kevin Owens
  • Seth Rollins
  • Sheamus

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Photo Credit: Newsweek

The Packaging

This set features the newer blue, red and white 2021 basic style packaging with their names on the side with an image of the wrestler as well as followed by everyone in the set listed on the back. The shape is the same as the 2020 style packaging, just an updated color scheme that looks great.

Dakota Kai

Up first we have Dakota Kai’s very first action figure in the WWE line. She looks pretty good I feel. Some people are a little picky over the likeness but I feel it’s not too bad. The detail in her sculpt is pretty cool as you can see all the braids in her hair as well as her different piercings, which looks great. She has a mean look on her face, too. She is sporting a half  t-shirt top that says “Cap Kota” on it. She is also sporting her purple/silver trunks and also features the new knee brace leg mold similar to Tegan Nox in Series 115. The knee brace is a really cool addition to the Basic line as it’s super detailed. It is part of the leg mold unfortunately for those who were hoping to remove it. Lastly she has her black knee pads/socks/kick pads.

Overall, I like this figure of her. I think it is pretty good honestly. The detail on it is nice for a Basic. I’d recommend picking it up as I’m not sure she will ever get the Elite treatment. Hopefully she does but you just never know with Mattel.

Roderick Strong

This is Roderick’s first Basic style figure in the WWE line. The main release is in green trunks while the chase variant comes in black trunks. Unfortunately I did not have the chase variant in time for this review so we will just look at the main release, but you can see the variant in the gallery below. Roderick features the same scan his Elite has, which looks pretty spot on I must say. He has his black elbow pad as well as black wrist tape and his Undisputed Era armband that is painted on. His trunks features the Undisputed Era logo on the front, a black/gold lightening bolt logo on the right side and “Strong” written on the back. Lastly, he has his black knee pads and short black boots.

Overall, this is a nice Basic figure of Roderick. His figures seem to be pretty sought after. All the Undisputed Era guys are pretty sought after honestly. If you’d like him in an alternate attire to his typical ones I’d recommend picking this up. I’m sure it will also be pretty sought after.

Kevin Owens

Up next we have a more current version of Kevin Owens. He features his latest head scan with his thicker, longer beard. He is wearing his “Stun Owens Stun” sleeveless shirt with the “KO” logo on the back. He also features all of his tattoos down his arms as well as white wrist/hand tape, which looks great. You can also see the tattoos on his left fingers. He is wearing his typical black shorts as well with the KO logo on the right leg as well as his black knee pads and laced boots.

Overall, this is a nice Basic of KO. I really wish this was an Elite though as I’ve been craving an updated figure of hm with the white hand/wrist tape as it just contrasts well with his black attire. If you’re a fan of KO I’d definitely recommend this one as it’s a nice update. The tattoos look great on it, too. Just a nice updated figure of him to say the least.

Seth Rollins

Next up we have a surprising Basic of Seth Rollins in his Chicago Bulls themed attire. This, of course, people would rather have as an Elite than a Basic, but no word if that will ever happen unfortunately. Mattel seems to do some of the most highly sought after attires in Basic form instead of Elite unfortunately. Regardless, this new figure of Rollins is pretty nice. He has his latest head scan most of his figures have come with as of late. He has his tattoo down his back as well as his red armband with a white “R” on it on his right bicep. He also features black wrist tape. Looking at his trunks they’re pretty detailed, as are his knee pads and kick pads, but they’ve most likely been altered somewhat to avoid any possible copyright issues. Regardless of what may be missing on the attire, it still looks pretty nice and this figure stands out compared to many of his others.

Overall, if you’ve wanted a figure of Rollins in this attire I’d recommend it. Yes it is a Basic instead of Elite but I still think it’s pretty well done for a Basic figure. Pick it up if you’re a fan as it may be the closest we ever get to this attire in figure form sadly.


Lastly we have a nice updated figure of Sheamus, someone who hasn’t been in the line in quite awhile. This one features what I believe is an updated head scan with his full head of hair and his beard of course. He’s pasty white skinned as usual, too. He has tall, black wrist tape with his cross logos on them, which looks nice. He is also wearing his black/white trunks with his logos on the front and back. He also has his opened back knee pads with his logos on the front as well as his black, laced boots, which I imagine are missing some designs like they usually have.

Overall, this is a nice updated figure of him, which will most likely attract people for the updated head alone so they can swap it. He does have an upcoming Elite figure in Elite 84 that you can currently pre-order on Ringside if you desire. I’d recommend just waiting for the Elite coming later this month.


Overall, this is also a pretty good Basic set. All the figures in the wave look pretty nice I must say. The detail on many of these are great and feature some attires, as well as superstars in general, we may never see in Elite form. I’d definitely recommend picking up several of these in case they never get the Elite treatment.

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