Pete Dunne Snaps Roderick Strong’s Fingers, Takes Him Down

Pete Dunne

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Pete Dunne and Roderick Strong took to the ring during tonight’s episode of NXT, with the two superstars continuing their feud in another brutal match. After nearly coming away with a win, O’Reilly was taken down by Dunne, who utilized his notorious finger snapping to walk out with a win. 

Late in the match, Strong looked ready to come away with a win after locking Dunne in the Stronghold. However, Dunne reached up and grabbed at Strongs fingers, and slowly began to snap them to get Strong to release the submission. After dropping away from the hold, Strong was quickly hit by Dunne with the Bitter End for the victory. 

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

Olympic Slam by Strong.  Dunne kicks out. Strong drops Dunn back first onto the ring apron. Strong tries another backbreaker but Dunne reverses it into a triangle. Strong counters the hold into a powerbomb into a backbreaker. Dunne stomps Strong’s face in. Dunne attempts another triangle. Strong almost reverses it into the Stronghold. Dunne snaps Strongs fingers and hits the Bitter End for the win.

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