AEW Dynamite Results – Brodie Lee: Celebration Of Life (12/30/20)

AEW Dynamite

Photo Credit: AEW

Tonight on AEW Dynamite, the entire All Elite Wrestling roster pays tribute to the life and legacy of the great Brodie Lee, who tragically passed away on December 26. A series of tag matches will take place tonight as Cody Rhodes, Orange Cassidy, Pres10 Vance will take on Team Taz in the main event as a way to honor Brodie’s son, Brodie (also known as “-1” in the Dark Order). Tune into what is sure to be a very moving episode.

AEW Dynamite, December 30, 2020

Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, FL

Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Chris Jericho & Excalibur

The episode starts off with the entire AEW roster on stage to pay tribute to Brodie with a ten bell salute. Brodie’s wife Amanda and two boys are center stage before we cut to Jon Moxley.

“What more can be said about Brodie Lee that hasn’t been said and that’s the most comforting part.” Moxley talks about how Brodie was a friend to everyone. He said Brodie loved being a dad. He told Mox that he was gonna love it. 2020 has hit us hard. Tonight they celebrate the legacy of a great human being and Moxley closes out his tribute by telling Brodie he loves him forever.


Hardy Party vs. The Young Bucks & Colt Cabana

Isiah and Colt start things off. Colt was full of emotion as he walks to the ring. He starts off with a solid shot to IK. Mark Quen gets tagged in and they take it to him with a double chop before eventually taking Hardy out. They all dive onto each other onto the outside and Colt flourishes it all with an Asai Moonsault.

Hardy soon clotheslines Matt Jackson on the apron. Sleeper hold to Matt. Big kick to Haedy and the Bucks dropkick Matt down. Tag to Marq Quen but they handle him as well. Hardy pulls Matt J. out before Quen dives on top of Matt.

Back in the ring, Quen ground and pounds away at Matt before getting a two count. Isiah K. stomps a mudhole in Matt. Matt continues to get isolated by Hardy Party. Isiah soon gets a cover on Matt. Two count. Matt Hardy drops a second rope elbow on the back of Matt J. Front chancery from Hardy wards MJ from tagging in Colt or Nick. Matt soon hits a cross body on Hardy for a two count and the crowd chants for the older Buck. Hardy hits a side effect for a two count. Hardy showboats and gets two punches in the corner by Colt and Nick. Matt Jackson (not Hardy) hits a Twist of Fate and tags in Colt. He springboard moonsaults both Private Party. Some Dusty action to PP and hits a flying Apple pin on Isiah near falll. Matt slugs COlt and a crucifix gets a close pin attempt. Marq Quen and and Matt down COlt with a bodyslam. He prompts PP to climb opposite corners but Colt boots Matt into IK and he topples off.  Hot tag to Nick who soon punts Matt from the apron. Facebuster to Quen before he hits Matt with a flying attack. Back in the ring, Nick takes an array of moves and finishers from Hardy Party and it’s Colt and MJ who barely make the save. Hardy Party assault their opponents and Matt Hardy wants to use a chair. Quen refuses. They go to put a Gin and Juice on Colt, but it gets turned into a Meltzer Driver as Colt hits a Chicago Skyline. He mouths “I love you Brodie” and he gets the win.

WINNERS: Colt Cabana and The Young Bucks

Out comes The Acclaimed. They are about to talk trash but SCU comes in and throws them both in the ring. Bucks superkick them and Colt hits some elbows as they all do the Dark Order hand signs. -1 is standing ringside with Alan Angels.

We see Darby Allin. He says he first met Brodie during his AEW debut and he immediately wanted to wrestle him. Brodie was at the top of Darby’s list. There was no ego with him. He was the man. By far. “Number one dude I wish I would’ve wrestled.”


The Dark Order (Stu Grayson & Evil Uno) & Lance Archer vs. Eddie Kingston & The Butcher & The Blade

Eddie Kingston grabs the mic and honors Brodie before he says The Dark Order is nothing without Brodie. Eddie and Uno face off and as the ref checks out Eddie, Uno knocks him down. The trio takes it to Eddie and Dark Order suplex their partner Archer on top of Kingston! Chris Jericho notes that everyone honoring Brodie is no fanfare and compares his friendship with Eddie Guerrero and Owen Hart. Butcher gets a tag in and he and The Blade take it to Stu Grayson. Hard chops, but Stu hits a Brodie Slam on Blade. Archer gets a tag and we cut to picture in picture break.

Back from break, Edie and Uno have a slap off. Eddie tries twice with a back elbow but Uno hits a Brodie half ‘n’ half. Tags made on both sides and Lance levels Butcher onto the outside. Rip cord slam to Blade. Chokeslam attempt leads to a big corner splash by Archer. Archer goes old school and then moonsaults onto Blade. Big pounce by Archer to Butcher. Archer frog splashs Blade and gets a near fall but is bbroke up. B&B take it to Grayson which leads Eddie to hit a DDT in front of Roberts. Near fall on Grayson who fights the two men off. Tag to Archer and he goes for a blackout on Blade. Eddie pulls him free and Archer fights him to the outisde. Apron DDT to Butcher and then Grayson and Uno hit a Fatality to Blade for the three count.

WINNERS: The Dark Order and Lance Archer

All three men take their shots at Eddie before Jake Roberts hits his short-arm clothesline on Kingston.

We see pictures of Brodie with Amanda as Dax talks about how genuine Brodie was. Arn talks about how Brodie, Brodie Jr. and Amanda were all laughing with eachother. Colt talks about how he raced home to be with his family. A very emotional Bryce Remsburg talks about how Brodie should be on the Mount Rushmore of Wrestling Dads.


“Hangman” Adam Page & The Dark Order (John Silver and Alex Reynolds) vs. Santana, Ortiz & MJF

MJF comes out wearing Puerto Rican flag trunks. Dark Order throw “the papers” at their foes before the match start. Big pop from the crowd. Bell rings and it’s Page vs. MJF. Hangman throws the papers at Max. He bails. MJF yells at -1. Silver shoulderblocks Ortiz. He’s wearing Brodie Lee type gear. Ortiz catches Silver with s reverse sleeper backbreaker.  He tags in Santana. Silver fights back and tags in Reynolds. Elbow drop to Santana but he gets a kick in the corner to Reynolds. Suplexes by Santana. Ortiz gets the tag and the cover. Two count. MJF gets tagged in and soon does Ortiz. Reynolds continues to get isolated. Page gets tagged and fires away at MJF. He takes everyone out before hitting his fallaway slam on Max before diving on top of his partners. Page sizes him up for a Buckshot, but MJF goes for a powder. Santana and Ortiz pick up Page as Max runs in for a neckbreaker. Near fall. We go to picture in picture.

Back from break, MJF flips off -1 and he pays for it via Hangman. Silver gets the tag and he is hungeee. He cross bodies Ortiz before hitting a sit-out powerbomb. Santana catches him with a rolling cutter and everyone gets involved. MJF whips Hangman into the corner. Silver catches Max by the ankles and turns it into a destroyer. MJF soon hits a Heatseekr. Silver gets a double team by Santana and Ortiz and the pin is administered, but Reynolds makes the save.

Out comes Wardlow who tries to take out Dark Order, but who comes out but Rowan! He and Wardlow brawl to the back. MJF rips off the mask of -1 and -1 smacks him hard with a kendo. In the ring, Silver hits a Brodie lariat for the win on Santana.

WINNERS: The Dark Order and Adam Page

Post-match, Rowan comes back out and holds up a sign honoring Brodie. Very emotional moment in the ring.

Eddie Kingston says he’s going to miss him. He’s gonna miss him busting his balls. He tells Brodie’s boys that he’s not gone. As long as they remember him and carry on his legacy he’s never gone. He tells them his father loved them both.


Anna Jay & Tay Conti vs. Penelope Ford & Britt Baker

Anna Jay and Britt start it off. Jericho says he gave Anna Jay “99” because of Wayne Gretzky due to his hockey fandom. Anna Jay goes for a Queen Slayer but Britt drops down and frees herself. Tag to Tay. Big lariat to Penelope Ford. She fires away at Ford  before some Judo throws. Cover, but only a two count. German suplex by Penelope. Two count. Ford tags in Britt. Big knees to Tay. Suplex to Tay. Fight goes to the outside and stomps Tay’s face on the apron as Rebel gets involved and lays Tay out on the apron for Penelope to drop some knees on her. We got to picture in picture break.

Back from break, Ford and Conti kick one another down. JR notes the pressure on Anna Jay to get the win to keep the Dark Order streak going. Anna is in a groove, but Ford hits a tailbone buster on her. Britt hits  a slingblade on Jay. Dangerous Jay kick. She’s very emotional. Britt hits her from behind. Britt hits a fisherman’s neckbreaker and covers. Two count. Britt slugs away at Jay and Ford hits a blockbuster on her. Two count. Penelope gets locked into the Queen Slayer and Tay Conti wards everyone else as Anna Jay gets the win. She gets her hand raised and the two women share an emotional moment with one another.

WINNERS: Anna “99” Jay and Tay Conti

Post-match, Britt says the whole thing was a “Big Rig” and out comes Thunder Rosa to attack the good doctor. Rosa is fired up.

The upcoming cards gets ran through.

Chris Jericho says he wrestled Brodie 27 times. He talks about being in Saudi Arabia with Brodie who told Chris that a sticker on the ceiling pointed towards Mecca. He talks how intelligent Brodie was and mentions that Chris’ dog Oakley is very abrasive, but wasn’t towards Brodie. That tells him what a great person Brodie was. He promises they all are going to take care of Brodie’s family and that he loves him.


Team Taz vs. Pres10 Vance, Cody Rhodes & Orange Cassidy

Bell rings and it’s Hobbs vs. Cody. Shoulder block by Powerhouse. Cody slowly gets up. Tag to Ricky Starks. The two trade chops and slaps. Dropkick by Ricky befor a jumping shoulder tackle. He grins away as Cody wrenches the arm and tags in 10. Hobbs kicks at 10’s back but 10 stays on the ball. He bounces Starks off the top rope for a German suplex. Hobbs gets tagged in. 10 tags in Orange Cassidy. Freshly squeezed chants. Hobbs challenges Orange for a test of strength, but Orange does the pockets instead. Hobbs slams down Orange’s head instead and we go to picture-in-picture.

Back from break, Brian Cage takes it to Orange before tagging in Hobbs. He does a stalling suplex. Tag back to Cage. He does a stalling suplex. Now Starks gets the tag and he goes for a stalling vert, Orange turns it around and hits a suplex of his own. Hot tag to Cody Rhodes. Powerslam to Starks. Near fall. Orange is out on the entryway. Cage gives a knee to the spine of Cody on the apron. Starks and Cody level each other out. Tag to 10 and he lariats Starks down. Powerslam to Ricky. Big Brodie bomb from 10. He boots Hobbs down. Sends Ricky to the ropes, but Starks hits a spear. He covers, but Orange makes the save. Cassidy goes for a Beach Break, Starks goes for a Roshambeau, but Hobbs takes out Orange after a torndado DDT. Cage goes to powerbomb, Orange but 10 boots him away. Tornado DDT by Starks gets a near fall on 10. “10” chants. Taz grabs a chair but so does arn. They have a stare-down. Orange Punch to Starks. Cross Rhodes and a spinebuster from 10 gets the pinfall victory.

WINNERS: Orange Cassidy, Cody Rhodes and 10

Post-match, Team Taz attacks the winners, (Hook suplexes Orange) but the lights go out and out comes Darby Allin. The lights go out again and sure enough, it’s Sting. They stand by one another. They all get in the ring and the five stand in unison as we go to break.

Back from it, Cody stands center ring. He’s emotional. He says he was looking for a quote to commemorate Brodie Lee “The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good” – Samuel Johnson. Cody calls Brodie a beautiful man before he introduces Brodie Lee Jr. Out comes Amanda with Brodie Jr. Tony Khan is there tooo as he lays his father’s boots in the middle of the ring. Tony Khan gets on the mic and presents the TNT Title to him. He calls his dad the greatest TNT Champion AEW has ever had. Big cheers. Tony Khan thanks all the fans for being here and then kicks it to a tribute to Mr. Brodie Lee.