Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Elite 83 In-Depth Review (Photos)

On the latest Collector’s Corner we take an in-depth look at Mattel WWE Elite 83, featuring:

  • Baron Corbin
  • Sasha Banks
  • Edge (with Chase variant)
  • Dusty Rhodes
  • Drew McIntyre
  • Michael Hayes (Collector’s Edition)

This set has five superstars instead of the typical six as I believe Velveteen Dream was originally slated for it but was pulled due to his controversy supposedly. You can currently get these over on where you can SAVE 10% with discount code MBG at checkout!

Michael Hayes

Photo by Bob Levey/WireImage

The Packaging

This set features the new 2021 style Elite packaging with the red/white/blue color scheme. The box showcases the featured wrestler on one side with their name on the opposite as well as a larger image, statistics and those whom also are in the set on the back. Not to mention the Certified Authentic logo on the front of the box. I was able to grab everyone in the set to review for you just in time thankfully. Michael Hayes is the Collector’s Edition exclusive to Target I believe but he may show up at Walmart, too. It’s always hard to know where they will actually show up as sometimes they surface at both or the opposite collectors were originally told.

Baron Corbin

First up we have Baron Corbin, a guy who has been very long overdue for an updated Elite figure. I’m not sure why exactly he took so long to be made with his current look but it sure seemed like a long time. He features his bald head with his tattoos on the back of his head. He comes with his crown accessory of course as well as a rubber, removable cape and his king staff accessory that goes in his hand (forgive me I don’t know what it’s technically called). Underneath his cape he has his black top and tights with the logos on them. Not to mention his super detailed tattoos on his arms. He also happens to come with a new pair of claw-like hands, which I’m not sure why he does but they do look nice. It’s always great to see new hand accessories in my opinion.

Overall, Corbin is really nice. It’s great to have an updated Elite of him finally and the detail on it is super nice, too. It’s a great looking figure and the amount of detail that went into a guy with such a simple look is awesome. I highly recommend picking him up as who knows if and when we will see him again based on how long this took to release.

Sasha Banks

Up next we have the Boss, Sasha Banks. This is probably my favorite action figure of her to date I must say. She comes with a rubber jacket that is super detailed. It has her arms in her signature entrance pose and the sleeves remove at the elbow to help you remove her arms from it carefully. Even though that is included it is honestly very difficult to remove her jacket so be very patient when doing so. Because it is rubber it is quite difficult to work with to remove from my experience. Besides that though she has her signature blue hair and her black/blue/white attire with her logos on it. She also comes with swappable hands, her sunglasses and her brass knuckles that go over her hands.

Overall, this is definitely her best figure to date in my opinion. The detail on it is awesome and the jacket is a cool accessory, but is very hard to remove as I mentioned. That is my only real complaint about it otherwise I really like it a lot and recommend it. Don’t pass on this one of her.


Next up we have Edge and his Chase variant. The main release of Edge comes in the red/gray attire while the Chase variant is in the black/gold attire. Each one comes with new, smiling scan of Edge in his most recent look since his return. You can see the bit of gray in his beard, which is cool, too. He comes with one of his recent Edge t-shirts that velcros in the back. He also has “Too Sweet” hands in the first batch that was released, which Mattel addressed as an error and will be quite rare, as the running change will have his corrected hands for his entrance pose. Besides that you can see all the detail in his tights, from the logos to his knee pads down to his kick pads. You can also see his detailed tattoos on his arms, too. Not to mention both come with swappable hands as well.

Overall, both figures are great. I think I prefer the Chase variant in black/gold than the gray/red one but they both look pretty good I must say. His hairline is a little odd though as it doesn’t seem to fasten to his head well and I’m not sure why. But if you want a current Edge figure I highly recommend both as I’m sure they will be pretty sought after being it’s his most modern figure to date. Don’t pass up on both of these as I imagine the Chase will be pretty desired, too.

Dusty Rhodes

Next we have a throwback Dusty Rhodes from his Survivor Series 1990 appearance. This one features a black top hat and a red polka dot, black poncho that easily rests over his torso. This is fully made of cloth, which is great. Dusty features his head scan from his Target exclusive a few years ago, which is not my favorite scan of his personally but it doesn’t look too bad. He has his red rubber elbow pad over his painted black one underneath, his famous strawberry birthmark on his abdomen and of course his red polka dot, black trunks. He also has white wrist tape, black knee pads and his white/black cowboy boots. Dusty also comes with a few pairs of swappable hands, which is great, to recreate some of his iconic moves and poses.

Overall, if you missed out on the older Elite Dusty figures I’d recommend this one. At least this one is unique as it features an attire he’s never been made in before and it looks pretty good. I’m not big on the head scan personally but it’s not too bad, just not my favorite they’ve done for him. Pick it up if you’re a fan of the iconic Dusty Rhodes!

Drew McIntyre

Now we’ll take a look at Drew’s latest figure, which might be my favorite of his to date as well. This one has a much more tan skin tone, which I’m not sure if truly accurate, but it doesn’t look too bad either. He finally has a new head scan where he has a huge, cheesy smile on his face. He was long overdue for a new head as all his figures started looking the same to me as of late. This one definitely stands out though. He comes with a super detailed entrance vest that is made of rubber. It’s not too hard to remove either but do be patient as the rubber can be a little stiff. Once you remove that you can see he’s sporting his signature black trunks with his logos on them as well as his black knee pads and laced boots. Another cool detail about him is that he has hairy chest detail on him, too. Not to mention he comes with a second pair of swappable hands, too.

Overall, if you’re looking for a new figure of Drew I recommend this one. This one at least looks different than the several that have released as of late and the scan on it is pretty good, too. While his figures aren’t super exciting, this one is a nice update I’d recommend over his others as it just looks a lot more like him and the detail on it is pretty cool.

Michael Hayes

Lastly, we have Michael Hayes from the Fabulous Freebirds. This figure has received a little backlash due to it not being in his iconic look with his confederate entrance robe, but because of that robe it is too controversial to include with a figure today. You could always get a custom one if you desired or use the one from the old Jakks Classic Superstars figure of him. Regardless, he looks pretty good as it’s his first Mattel WWE figure. He has his bleach blond hair than securely hold his sunglasses underneath. Beneath his glasses you can see his big, open eyes and his grisly facial hair. He comes with a cloth shirt as well that says “Badstreet USA” and he also is wearing his red trunks followed by his black knee pads, socks and red boots with the white laces. He, too, comes with swappable hands as well.

Overall, it’s nice to have an Elite of Hayes but I wish he was in his black tights attire than red trunks as that’s how I know him by, but Mattel at least gave us an outfit for him we haven’t had in figure form. He still looks pretty good, but the robe and black tights looks would’ve looked even better if they could’ve made it that way. If you’re an old school wrestling fan I’d say pick it up. Save yourself the headache of hunting it and grab it over on Ringside before he’s sold out.


Overall, it’s a pretty good set. This is the first set with five figures instead of six, which was surprising they didn’t slot someone in last minute to fill the gap. The figures in the wave all look pretty nice, though. I’m not sure if the Dream rumor is one hundred percent accurate but that was the rumor going around awhile back. If you’re looking for these be sure to grab them over on Ringside as there are some real nice figures in this set. I’m not sure when these will hit store shelves either as Elite 81 isn’t even out yet. But I do recommend this set as there’s some nice, long overdue figures in the wave!

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