The Positively Hard Bros Go Soft, Lose To The Hurt Business


Photo Credit: WWE Network

The New Day joined forces with the Hardy Bros to face The Hurt Business in an eight-man tag team match this week on WWE RAW. Jeff Hardy, Riddle, Kofi Kingston and Cedric Alexander have been feuding with MVP’s stable in recent weeks. Bobby Lashley has made Hardy tap out a few times throughout this rivalry. Before the match, Lashley officially declared that he’ll be competing in the 2021 Men’s Royal Rumble Match.

Lashley squared off with Riddle early in the match, and the WWE United Stats Champion dropped “The Original Bro” with a suplex. The Hurt Business isolated Riddle, but he eventually tagged Hardy. “The Positively Hard Bros” took control of the match. But The Hurt Business again took the advantage by ganging up on Riddle. Kingston later tagged in and cleared house. The match broke down into chaos, and in the end, Lashley made Hardy tap out yet again to The Hurt Lock. After the match, the Hurt Business attacked their opponents. But Riddle rocked Lashley with a Final Flash to spoil the celebratory mood.

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