Despite Getting Choked Out By Ali, Ricochet Refuses To Join Retribution


Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Mustafa Ali has been trying to recruit Ricochet to join Retribution, but the fan-favorite star has turned him down. So the high-flying stars clashed in a singles match on WWE RAW this week. Ricochet has stated that something in his career needs to change, and Ali remains determined to prove that Retribution is the change he seeks. “The One and Only” took the fight to Ali and controlled the match early on. Ali capitalized on a distraction from his Retribution stablemates to gain the upper hand.

Mace and T-Bar slammed Ricochet into the barricade when the referee was distracted by Reckoning.

Ali grounded Ricochet, but the former NXT North American Champion persevered. He dropped Ali with the Kick-Back, but Mace broke up the pin. The stablemates surrounded Ricochet, but he fought them off. Ali blocked a Shooting Star Press, and Ali made him pass out in the Koji Clutch. After the match, Ali told Ricochet he has no chance by himself. He offered him another opportunity to have a new beginning with Retribution. But he again turned Ali down. He hit Ali with the Recoil to put an exclamation point on the refusal.

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