Alexa Bliss Begs Randy Orton To Light Her On Fire

A Moment Of Bliss Alexa Bliss

Photo: WWE

Alexa Bliss invited Randy Orton to come to her playground on WWE RAW this week. Bliss hinted that Bray Wyatt could return on “Legends Night.” She also teased that he could come back this week. Orton tried to outsmart Bliss, as he appeared on the video screen. He was in the Firefly Fun House, where he kicked Huskus the Pig and tore Ramblin’ Rabbit’s head off.

Bliss called Orton inconsiderate and rude, and she challenged him to meet her in the ring later in the show. Orton accepted the bait, knowing that it was likely a trap.

Orton asked Bliss where The Fiend is, but she told him this is about her, not Wyatt. She grabbed a wrapped present from ringside and took it to the ring. Bliss unwrapped it, and she took a can of gasoline and a case of matches out of the box. She put them at Orton’s feet and dared him to set her on fire. Bliss poured gasoline in the ring, and she lied down. She tearfully told him to do it. Bliss called Orton a bitch, and she dumped gasoline on herself. Orton picked up a match, and he said he wants to do it.

Orton offered to send Bliss to the same fiery fate that The Fiend suffered. But the lights went out, and when they came back on, Orton was holding a burning match. The lights went out, and the show ended on a cliffhanger.

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