ROH Wrestling Results (12/28/20): Mystery Ten-Man Tag Team Match

Backstage, Mark Briscoe says Jay always got better presents when they were kids, and that pattern continued when Jay got to pick his team first. But now Mark gets to select his teammates by opening some presents. But the viewer doesn’t get to know the identities of the wrestlers yet.

Christmas 10-Man Tag: Team Mark Briscoe (Beer City Bruiser, Dak Draper, Tracy Wiliams, Dalton Castle and Mark Briscoe) vs. Team Jay Briscoe (Flip Gordon, Brawler Milonas, John Walters, PCO and Jay Briscoe) 

Brian Johnson joins the broadcast team for this match. He gives the broadcast team some gifts. They’re matching shirts that have “Bozo” written on them.

Walters and Williams start the match, and they exchange technical holds. Draper tags in and takes a cheap shot on Walters. Gordon tags in and hits a springboard dropkick. Gordon locks in a backpack sleeper, but Draper escapes. Milonas enters the match, and Draper tags Bruiser. The partners shake hands, and they start shoving each other. The big men trade blows. They hit a colossal  simultaneous crossbody.

PCO and Castle tag in. Castle is wearing turtleneck. The former world champions square off, and PCO takes Castle down. They trade strikes. Castle rips off his turtleneck, but he tags out. The Briscoes enter the match, and they are evenly matched. Jay hits a hurricanrana, and all ten men brawl in the ring. Gordon misses a springboard dive to the outside. PCO heads to the top, and he hits a PCO-sault onto everyone.

Walters tags in and grounds Mark. Team Jay isolates Mark. Bruiser eventually tags in and rallies. Mark plants Walters with a Brainbuster. The match breaks down into a brawl again. Milonas slams Castle. Mark chops PCO, but “The French Frankenstein” slams his partner. Draper plants PCO with a slam of his own. Walters hits a Codebreaker and holds it for a Triangle Choke. Bruiser dives onto Walters with a Frog Splash.

PCO drops Draper with a DDT. He hits the PCO-Sault for the win.

Winners: Team Jay Briscoe


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