ROH Wrestling Results (12/28/20): Mystery Ten-Man Tag Team Match

ROH Wrestling Results 

Aired December 28, 2020

Report by Colin Tessier for

Quinn McKay welcomes viewers to this holiday-themed episode of ROH Wrestling.

Jay Briscoe picks his team for the Christmas 10-Man Tag Team Match, but the viewers don’t get to know who the wrestlers are.

In a video package, Eric Martin, Ken Dixon, Joe Keys, and Dante Caballero reflect on their journeys to Ring of Honor. Dixon focuses on his fighting style while Martin discusses his wrestling technique.

Caballero says he has been chasing his dream for several years now. These four students go way back with each other, and now they have a chance to shine on ROH programming. Caballero and Keys say they have rebuilt themselves as pure wrestlers.

ROH Dojo Challenge: Ken Dixon and Eric Martin vs. Joe Keys & Dante Caballero 

Martin and Caballero start the match. Dojo coach Will Ferrara is watching the match at ringside. The two wrestlers exchange technical holds, and the match is a stalemate early on. Caballero hits a flapjack and gains the upper hand. Keys and Caballero double-team Martin.

Dixon tags in and takes control. He drops Keys with some shoulder tackles. Keys rolls up Dixon for a two count. Martin and Dixon ground Keys, and they keep him isolated. Keys rallies with a slam, and Caballero gets the hot tag. He hits Martin with a gut-buster and chops both of his opponents. Caballero drops Martin with a kick. Dixon drops Caballero with a modified pumphandle slam.

Keys floors Dixon with a clothesline. Keys hits a diving headbutt and floors Dixon with a German suplex. Keys makes Dixon tap out to a high-angle crab.

Winners: Joe Keys and Dante Caballero

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