Tony Khan Welcomes IMPACT Wrestling To Send Their Talent To AEW Dynamite

Tony Khan Impact Wrestling

Photo: IMPACT Wrestling

Could the AEW “Holiday Bash” rendition of Dynamite make an IMPACT on their programming after the NBA game tonight? Tony Khan certainly teased the notion in the latest “paid advertisement” on IMPACT Wrestling.

This week’s episode of IMPACT featured their 2020 Year-End Awards and a look back at the promotions greatest moments, but it was not without some All Elite news. Tony Schiavone introduced “the only owner in professional wrestling who is not a carny” in Khan who stated that they were in Nashville to celebrate the holiday. Khan happened to catch word of the match announced for Hard To Kill which features his company’s World Champion in Kenny Omega and made a few intriguing comments on the matter.

“Kenny Omega the AEW Champion wrestling on somebody else’s PPV?,” said the AEW Prez. “I certainly have the power to stop that, Tony. I could file an injunction, there’s a lot of things that I could do. If I didn’t want the match to be happen it wouldn’t be happening. You know what IMPACT Wrestling? You want Kenny Omega here wrestling your people? That’s fine with me. Tomorrow night, Wednesday Night Dynamite, you’re welcome to send some of your people to my show, this week, any week.”

Tonight’s Dynamite will have a special start time around the 10 PM EST timeframe due to the NBA game between the Boston Celtics and the Milwaukee Bucks and after Khan dangled the carrot for the IMPACT reindeer to run-in on his show, the other Tony (in Schiavone) ran down the evening’s card.

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