Alexa’s Playground Interrupts Randy Orton, Says The Fiend Will Be Reborn

A Moment Of Bliss Alexa Bliss

Photo: WWE

Randy Orton reflected on his actions at WWE TLC this week on WWE RAW. He said he proved that he’s sick and twisted when he burned The Fiend alive. “The Fiend is no man, and I am not normal,” said Orton. “Last night, I enjoyed every single second as I stood by and I watched The Fiend burn.”

Orton recalled the moment, saying he could still smell the stench of burning flesh. He said the voices in his head are gone because now all he hears is The Fiend gasping for his last breath. “The Fiend is no more, and I am the evil son of a b—- that took him out” said Orton.

The lights went out, and when they came back on, Alexa Bliss was sitting on a swingset in the ring. She called it Alexa’s Playground and invited Orton to play. She joked that The Fiend could be at the beach, and she made a few more fire-related jokes. She then said that The Fiend practically absorbed into the earth below the ring. She warned that The Fiend could come back, and when he does, it’ll be like nothing Orton has ever seen.

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