Otis Talks Working With Chad Gable, Tucker Turning On Him, More

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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

WWE Superstar Otis has had a roller coaster year in 2020. He started on a hot streak with a MITB contract win but then suddenly became more irrelevant and eventually lost the briefcase along with his best friend. Otis recently sat down with Ryan Satin of Fox Sports to talk about his year and the fact that he now works with Chad Gable. Check out the highlights below.

On working with Chad Gable:

We’ve known each other since – well, I met him in like 2008, but we started knowing each other at the Olympic training center up there in Colorado Springs. He’s always wrestled the big guys. He waits until we’re tired, though, to get us. Like, five heavyweights. He comes over and wants a piece of us, and we’d start training together. I don’t think Gable has – I don’t know if he’s shy sometimes – but, he is a very, very funny guy behind the scenes. He’s got that Olympic mentality. When we train together, it’s just like, “Man, how many are we doing?!? Good lord, alright. Body weights, yeah, cool.” So, we started getting ideas there. Basically what it is, is just us having fun and putting it on there. I know him, he cannot not be working out. He’s always going for a walk. He’s always doing something. I know he’s very routine, brother.

On finding out he was going to be split from Tucker:

It was like, basically, I think it’s a five year relationship. The only time we haven’t spent time together was there during this pandemic when things started slowing down. When we actually heard it on the announcement, I think it was on Talking Smack, where we hear announcing say like, “Oh, Heavy Machinery are gonna split their ways.” I looked at him and he was walking by, and I saw him get emotional. I’m kinda like, getting a little crazy here too, and eventually I’m going like, “Holy crap. We’re really not gonna be together for a long time.” Because again, me, him and Gable, we traveled together and it’s just that three group mentality of you always give each other crap all the time. It was always all full of love, you know what I mean? We always had each other’s back.

On his reaction to Mandy Rose being traded to RAW:

Yeah. The main thing in my mind; you always hear the guys that have been there at WrestleMania. They go, “You never forget your first WrestleMania reaction or pop.” And I just remember going, “Man, there were a lot of great things that happened at WrestleMania this past year, but I know if there was 75,000 plus people in Tampa watching me kiss Mandy, lips-to-lips, I think that place, the roof would have come off, basically. Dolph was such a great adversary of having him get in the way, and Sonya, as well. When we locked in, it was like, it wasn’t special then because it was just us – it was special for me – but when it aired, the internet reaction was just ridiculous. When she went to RAW, it was like, “Aw, man. There’s the fun out of there, too. Geez! Aw, man.” You know what I mean? But, hey, man. You gotta get what you can take and keep on giving.

You can check out the entire interview here. Let us know what you think of Otis and Chad Gable in the comments below.

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