ROH Final Battle Results (12/18/20)

roh final battle

ROH Final Battle Results 

December 18, 2020

Report by Colin Tessier for

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Hour One:

The broadcast team, along with Dalton Castle, welcomes viewers to the show. Ian Riccaboni says EC3, Bandido, Flamita and Kenny King are unable to compete tonight, so the changes to the card will be revealed during Hour One.

Tony Deppen vs. LSG vs. Josh Woods vs. Dak Draper (Winner gets a ROH TV Championship Match later in the show)

The match is wrestled under lucha rules, so only two men are legal at once, and tags are part of the equation. All four competitors shake hands. Draper dumps Deppen to the floor. Woods sends LSG to the outside, too. Draper and Woods roll around on the mat, and they exchange technical holds. They showcase their amateur wrestling skills.

LSG and Deppen tag in and exchange some fast-paced offense. Deppen gains the upper hand, but LSG hits a baseball slide dropkick. Draper and Woods reenter the match and exchange more holds. Deppen takes a stiff punch from Draper. “The Mile High Magnum” overpowers Deppen and kicks him in mid-air. Draper plants Deppen with a suplex. “The Mile High Magnum” is dominating, as he dumps LSG out of the ring. Draper plants Deppen with a deadlift suplex. LSG tags in and plants Draper with a suplex of his own. Deppen drops Woods with a facebuster. Draper drops Deppen with a slam. Draper, Woods and LSG come crashing down with a superplex.

Woods drills Draper with a knee, but Draper plants him with a Doctor Bomb for a near fall. Woods locks in a choke and transitions to a knee. Deppen rolls up LSG for the win.

Winner: Tony Deppen

Colin: I did not expect Draper to be the workhorse here. He had a good showing, so this could be considered a breakout moment for the Top Prospect winner. Woods looked good in defeat; he’s someone to keep an eye on in 2021.

A video package hypes up RUSH vs. Brody King.

Deppen speaks with Quinn McKay backstage. He says he’s going to win tonight for his wife and his baby boy. He refuses to show his child that he’s a failure.

A video package hypes up Jonathan Gresham’s challenge in defending two titles on the same night. Jay Lethal says he’s still bitter because PCO broke his arm the last time they shared a ring. Lethal says he wants to end the tag title match as quickly as possible.

Shane Taylor and The Soldiers of Savagery speak with McKay backstage. Their match with MexiSquad is off. Taylor says the challengers are going to make history the right way, and they’re still coming for the titles.

At the broadcast table, Dalton Castle indirectly challenges Rey Horus to a match tonight.

Brian Johnson has a message for Danhausen ahead of their match. Johnson says he’s going to destroy Danhausen tonight. He says tonight is a funeral for everyone who thinks Danhausen is more talented than him. “The Mecca is killing the internet,” Johnson says.

A video package hypes up the match between The Righteous and The OGK (Matt Taven and Mike Bennett.)

Jay Briscoe’s match with EC3 has been postponed. Jay tries to team up with Mark Briscoe tonight, but Mark says he has a partner already. Jay gets into a confrontation with Shane Taylor backstage, and they agree to a match tonight.

In a video package, Rhett Titus and Tracy Williams praise Fred Yehi and Wheeler Yuta. They say they’re testing Yehi and Wheeler to see if they’re up to the Ring of Honor standard. They describe the rules of a Pure Rules Tag Team Match, which reflect the old-school rules of tag ropes and rope breaks.

Pure Rules Tag Team Match: Fred Yehi & Wheeler Yuta vs. The Foundation (Tracy Williams and Rhett Titus) 

Yehi and Williams begin the match, and they exchange technical holds. Titus tags in and tries to ground Yehi. Yuta tags in and gains the upper hand on Titus. But The Foundation double-teams Yuta. Williams briefly locks in a Clover Leaf. “Hot Sauce” suplex Yuta, and The Foundation double-teams him again. Williams and Yehi tag back in, and Yehi dishes out stiff strikes. He locks Titus in a Koji Clutch, but Williams breaks it up.

Yuta takes Titus down with a springboard crossbody. Titus sends him to the outside with a dropkick. Yehi and Williams trade blows. They match each other move for move. Yehi drives Williams into the corner with an Alabama Slam-like maneuver. Yehi locks in a Koji Clutch, and Williams comes in to break it up, but he’s used up his legal interference. Yuta locks in a Dragon Sleeper on Yuta on the outside. Titus slams Yuta into Yehi to break up the Koji Clutch. Titus tags in and rocks Yuta with a boot. He hits a helicopter slam for a two count. Yuta rallies and suplexes Williams. Yuta drills Titus with a kick. Titus hits a big boot and tags in Williams. Williams plants Yuta with a piledriver, but Yehi breaks up the pin.

Williams makes Yuta tap with a crossface.

Winners: Rhett Titus and Tracy Williams

Colin: The Foundation needed a win here, and thankfully they got it. The group has the potential to succeed where Lifeblood and other ROH stables failed in 2021. This was a good start. Williams and Titus displayed good chemistry. Yuta and Yehi impressed, too. Hopefully, they stick around in ROH.

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