Rhett Titus Wants To Restore Honor To ROH, Previews First-Ever Pure Rules Tag Match At Final Battle

Rhett Titus spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard ahead of ROH Final Battle this weekend, where he will compete in the first-ever Pure Rules Tag Team match. Titus will team with Tracy Williams against Wheeler Yuta and Fred Yehi on the show, and the Foundation’s newest member talked about how they’re trying to restore the honor in Ring Of Honor.

“We want to see good old fashioned wrestling and we want to restore honor, put the ‘honor’ back in Ring Of Honor. Over the years I’ve been known as a tag team specialist and the great thing about The Foundation is any one of the four of us can go out there and team together and you know it’ll be magic in the ring,” Titus said. “You’ll see at Final Battle I’ve never teamed with Tracy Williams before, but I’m sure we’re gonna be looking like a cohesive unit.”

Titus says he’s been underappreciated and overlooked in Ring Of Honor, and he wants people to know that fans aren’t just getting the guy they’re used to seeing. He says he’s fighting with a chip on his shoulder and Final Battle marks the perfect time to see a different side of him, and they also want to restore some order to tag team wrestling.

“If you look around at tag team wrestling in 2020, [whether it’s] outside of Ring Of Honor and sometimes even in Ring Of Honor, it’s kind of a free for all. Guys are tagging backs, shoulders, feet,” Titus explained, “guys aren’t holding on to the tag rope, guys are just coming in breaking up pins whenever they want. There’s no rules, and why should the fans care about a big tag in a match where you know sometimes they don’t mean anything and guys can just climb in the ring at their own will?

“Over my years at ROH, I’ve been known as a tag team specialist. I’ll be going into Final Battle—this will actually be my fourth different tag team partner as I team with Tracy Williams. And for the longest time, all these rules that people haven’t been following in tag team wrestling have just been driving me absolutely crazy,” Titus said. “Now this is my chance to make history being in the first-ever pure rules tag team match, and this is my chance to rectify the tag team situation that is going on in pro wrestling today and show all the fans and all the other wrestlers how tag team wrestling is supposed to be done.”

ROH Final Battle airs Friday, December 18 on HonorClub or on FITE and traditional pay-per-view outlets. 

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