Toni Storm Defeats Rhea Ripley With Help From Raquel Gonzalez

Toni Storm

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Toni Storm and Rhea Ripley have been feuding for a couple of weeks now, and the two took their budding rivalry to the ring tonight in the main event of NXT. In an incredible match between two of NXT’s biggest superstars, it was Storm who came out on top, taking down Ripley late to make a huge mark on NXT. 

In a match that both superstars clearly wanted to win at all costs, it was Storm who did just enough to come out on top, although she did get some help late in the match. Towards the end of things, Raquel Gonzalez made her way down to the ring by hopping the barricades at ringside, distracting Ripley for a moment. Ripley then delivered a kick to Storm that knocked her into Gonzalez, sending her back over the barricade and eliciting some taunting from Ripley. 

However, as Ripley was on the apron, Gonzalez made her way back over the barricade, and with the referee distracted by Storm, Gonzalez hit Ripley with a lawn dart into the ring post, knocking her down. Storm then got back into things, attacking Ripley before finishing her off with a Storm Zero. 

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