Carmella Says She’s A Bigger Star Than Sasha Banks, R-Truth Is Hosting The 2020 WWE Slammy Awards


Image Credit: WWE / FOX

Carmella Says She’s A Bigger Star Than Sasha Banks

Carmella appeared on WWE’s The Bump and she discussed her vicious attack on Sasha Banks. Last Friday night, Carmella broke a bottle of Champagne over Banks’ back after their match, and she reflected on the assault and her rivalry with Banks.

“Sasha has gone off the rails. She got herself disqualified, it’s ridiculous. I mean, if she didn’t get disqualified, I definitely would have won that match. But she, I’ve gotten to her head, I’ve gotten into her so bad that she went off the rails and she got disqualified. Who’s better than me? No one. No one’s better than me. She is a star, but I’m a bigger star, and I’m better.”

Carmella also talked about her sommelier, who debuted on WWE Friday Night SmackDown. She teased that she has “a queue” of more assistants lying in wait.

“I always have something up my sleeve, always,” she said. “If you know Carmella, Carmella always has a trick up her sleeve, you know. She always does whatever it takes to win.”

The full episode is available here:

R-Truth To Host The 2020 Slammy Awards

WW 24/7 Champion R-Truth will be the host of this year’s Slammy Awards. He announced the news on WWE’s The Bump this week. The Bump will host the Pre-Show for the awards ceremony on next week’s episode. Then, the Slammy Awards will air on the WWE Network and on YouTube.