EC3 Describes How ‘American Psycho’ Inspires Him, Wonders If WWE Tried To Take Away His Best Tool To Help Him


Photo: EC3

EC3 recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet and reflected on his recent work with IMPACT Wrestling and Ring of Honor. In one highlight, he revealed that the film, and the book, “American Psycho”, inspires a lot of his character:

EC3: “That always has been, just the book and the character have always fascinated me, especially the movie. Christian Bale’s a stud. I’ve noticed, not the serial killer parts of it, but like the personality traits, I’m like, ‘Oh god, I’m unfortunately like this person.’ But yeah it’s very heavily influenced a lot of the stuff I did. But what I really loved about that is the ambiguity. You don’t know what real and what’s made up. So that’s what we like to portray with The Narrative.”

EC3 also revealed that he pitched something quite similar to his current character before his NXT call-up:

EC3: “I had this idea that I wanted to do, this kind of nihilistic psycho boy…sort of Durden-esque, culty kind of leader, talking about [the] evidence of truth and your purpose, and finding yourself within the realms of combat and fighting and stuff like that. So I pitched that. Instead of that, going with that, I wound up getting called up, and then now we’re rebooting a reboot that nobody has a vested interested in. And the rest is mediocre history.”

Finally, EC3 also shared his thoughts on how WWE didn’t let him cut promos during his brief run on the main roster. He wondered whether they were trying to make him rely on other aspects of his skill set:

EC3: ” I don’t know maybe they wanted to see something else. Maybe they want to take away your best tool to make you rely on other things, but at the same time, to rely on other things, you need to have them behind you to do it.”

The full interview is available here:

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