Chris Bey: For The Sake Of My Story, I Need A Match Against Cody Rhodes

Chris Bey needs to check one big match off of his bucket list.

Bey recently spoke with Joey G. from Wrestling Headlines about the new IMPACT Wrestling / AEW alliance and who he hopes to face, noting that there’s a few names that have come up. Bey sees it as being great for business and exciting from a fan perspective, then explained why he needs to face ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes.

“I think this is great because it’s going to provide a lot of dream scenarios and give a lot of people the chance to be seen on different platforms. A lot of people who watch AEW don’t watch IMPACT, a lot of people who watch IMPACT don’t watch AEW. So this will give a lot of different fans someone knew to tune into, who they might like or relate to, or find their new favorite wrestler. I think it’s great,” Bey said.

“Now we talk about the dream matches, I’ve seen a lot of people post stuff like they wanted to see me versus Kenny [Omega], then they wanted to see me versus Darby Allin, or they think because of the charisma through the roof they wanna see me and Ricky Starks. There’s one in particular that stands out to me that I need to check off my bucket list personally because it all started a little over a year ago, but I need…for the sake of my story…I need ‘Dashing’ Chris Bey versus ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes. That’s the one that I need.”

In February, Bey got a lot of attention after Cody referenced him during a media call about someone he’d had his eye on. Cody’s answer was in response to a question about AEW pursuing more people of color in 2020, and he noted Bey as someone he’d been watching YouTube footage of. Cody was clear in the fact that he had not talked to Bey in an official capacity, but saw him as a “prime example of a guy that could be potentially good” for AEW.

The same night as the media call, IMPACT announced they had signed Bey to a deal, leading to speculation that AEW somehow “lost out” and waited too long on signing him. Wrestlezone later reported that it wasn’t actually a factor, as Bey signed his IMPACT deal in 2019, months before it was announced. Bey himself told Denise Salcedo in April that he had signed months before the media call, confirming our report.

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