ROH Wrestling Results (12/14/20): PCO And Mark Briscoe vs. The Bouncers

ROH Ring Of Honor

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ROH Wrestling Results 

Aired December 12, 2020 

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Quinn McKay welcomes viewers and previews the show.

In a post-match promo from last week, Mike Bennett and Matt Taven discuss their feud with Vincent and Bateman. Bennett says it must come to an end, and he says he came back to protect Taven. The former ROH World Champion says Final Battle is the perfect time to end this rivalry.

In a pre-match promo, The Bouncers say they’re not just guys who love to have fun. They’re a team that’s determined to succeed. The Beer City Bruiser says there aren’t any rules when you’re fighting in a bar, so they’re used to chaos. Brawler Milonas points out how no one has kicked out of their Last Call finisher. The Bouncers vow to win the ROH World Tag Team Championship.

On the other hand, Mark Briscoe and PCO address their match with The Bouncers. Briscoe says there’s no crowd for The Bouncers to have fun with. He says he respects The Bouncers as fighters, and it’s time to throw fun out the window. “Bouncers, you will rest in Hell,” PCO chimes in.

The Bouncers vs. Mark Briscoe & PCO

Briscoe and Beer City Bruiser start the match. Bruiser and Briscoe feel each other out and exchange stiff strikes. A crossbody squashes Briscoe. PCO tags in and drops Bruiser with a clothesline. Milonas takes a flurry of strikes from PCO, and “The French Frankenstein” drops him with a DDT. Milonas hits a crossbody, but PCO dodges a splash.

PCO knocks Milonas to the outside and dives onto him. Bruiser dives onto both men, but Briscoe hits him with a Blockbuster on the floor. PCO chops Bruiser in the ring, and Briscoe rocks him with a dropkick. PCO goes for his senton onto the apron, but Bruiser dodges it. Milonas tags in and takes control. He grounds Briscoe, and The Bouncers are dominating.

Briscoe dodges a diving Bruiser and tags PCO. “The French Frankenstein” clears house and hits a front Russian leg-sweep for a two count. Briscoe uses a chair to launch himself onto PCO and Milonas outside the ring. Briscoe dodges a chokeslam, and PCO pins Bruiser with a moonsault for the win.

Winners: PCO and Mark Briscoe

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