Bill Apter On His Relationship With Bob Ryder: It Was A Cherished Friendship That Will Live On Forever With Me

Bill Apter was a recent guest on VOC Nation’s In the Room to talk about the end of and his relationship with Bob Ryder. Here are some highlights:

On his relationship with Bob Ryder:

“It’s really difficult to sum up in a short period of time what he meant to me. At the very beginning, after I had left (Pro Wrestling Illustrated) and the magazine that I was working for afterward – WOW Magazine – hit hard times and it looked like my wrestling magazine career was doomed, Bob Ryder and Joey Styles gave me the opportunity to become a full-time employee of Number one, it started a great relationship business-wise; but then, it turned into a very dear friendship.”

“Bob and I had, besides wrestling, Bob loved Broadway shows and I’m a Broadway fanatic. So we had that in common and we just became very dear friends…Joey Styles worked for (Pro Wrestling Illustrated) way, way back so there was already an established relationship there. He was someone I talked to several times a week, not just about the website and doing things on 1wrestlingvideo and, but also personal things that we enjoyed like Broadway. He was also a key to me keeping alive relationships with people from WCW and Impact Wrestling and TNA, so it was a multi-year cherished friendship and business relationship and that will live on forever with me.”

On his favorite video interview of all time:

“One of my favorite videos of all time is one of (Maestro) and the Rock and Roll Express (that I did) in Wilmington, North Carolina, one of Charlie Hartman’s Giving Tree shows. That was one of my favorite video moments of all time. It’s got like a million views… (Maestro) always gave me so much time, and it’s a pleasure to be on the same team (as him).”

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Check out the full episode of In The Room with Bill Apter below: