Taylor Wilde: Traci Brooks Was TNA’s ‘Canadian Wrestling Mom’, She Made A Huge Impact On A Lot Of Us

Traci Brooks played an integral role in helping build the TNA Knockouts division and Nevaeh sees herself doing something similar with today’s current women’s roster in IMPACT Wrestling.

Nevaeh was the latest guest on Wilde On with Taylor Wilde, and the two talked about the perception about veteran talent being mistaken for talent enhancers instead of being seen for their integral role in building people up.

The current IMPACT Wrestling Knockout says some greener talent might have a problem with that but she’s never taken that negatively, and also spoke about her the locker room. Wilde compared the situation to her own when she was in IMPACT, and took some time to praise former Knockout Traci Brooks for all she did for the business. Referring to her as their “Canadian wrestling mom”, Wilde said Traci had a significant effect on a lot of people, with Nevaeh echoing her thoughts, adding that she is working to build everyone up including herself.

Taylor: “I think she made a huge impact on quite a lot of us in terms of she was never jealous, she was never the type to undercut you. For her, it was very much two-fold—she wanted to look after everybody but she also knew that what was good for her was good for you, and good for the business and everybody makes money. Wrestling is so niche, women’s wrestling is even more niche and I think it’s better than it was in my day …

Neveah: “Exactly. There was so few of us that we were all fighting for positions and that’s not the case now. There’s enough spots for everyone and I just always looked at it like if I’m hard on you and I’m trying to help you, it’s because the next time I wrestle you, I want us both to be better. It’s not to be mean, it’s not to make you feel bad, it’s trying to enhance you so that I can also enhance myself and we can have a better match the next time that we’re together. I was lucky enough to come across Traci in my first few years [in the business] and she was very much… anything she could do to help you, [give] advice, she was there. Never a bad experience with her.”

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