WWE ThunderDome Rains Solo Cups, Dolph Ziggler Beats Montez Ford

Tonight’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown saw Dolph Ziggler go up against Montez Ford, in a big match between two members of respective feuding tag team duos. Despite Ford making it rain solo cups and controlling things early, Ziggler was able to come away with a win thanks to some help from Robert Roode. 

After making fun of Ziggler and Roode in a pre-match segment, the two met in the ring, and despite Ford having the upper hand and even causing some shenanigans of his own in the form of solo cups raining down onto the ring, Ziggler used his partner to help out and come away with a win. Late in the match, Roode – who was at ringside watching – attacked Dawkins, who was also at ringside with Ford. The attack distracted Ford, giving Ziggler enough time to land a huge superkick on him for the win. 

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

Ziggler and Ford trade strike. Ziggler floors Ford with a dropkick. Ziggler locks in a side headlock. Ford tries to break it but Ziggler responds with a neck breaker. Ford kicks out. Ford counters Ziggler’s dropkick with a slingshot that sends Ziggler into the corner. Blockbuster by Ford. Ziggler rolls out of the ring. Roode tries to sneak in the ring but Dawkins cuts him off. Roode and Ziggler regroup outside the ring. Ford puts his hand in the air and Solo cups rain from the ceiling into the ring. After the break, Ziggler is working over Ford. Ford fires up and sets up the Cash Out. Roode attacks Dawkins outside the ring to distract Ford. Ziggler superkicks Ford for the win.

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