Renee Paquette Can’t Wait To See Jon Moxley In ‘Dad Mode’, Says He’ll Be The Babyface And She’s The Heel

Renee Paquette recently spoke with Instinct Culture by Denise Salcedo and the two spoke about many aspects of the entertainment business, Taylor Swift, Renee’s new cookbook and much more. During the conversation, the two spoke about Renee’s pregnancy, including how husband Jon Moxley announced it as well as what kind of parents she thinks they’ll be.

“I was so excited, I felt like I was waiting for it to happen at some point. At some point I am gonna become a mom, that will be the journey I am gonna take but then once it happened it was like ‘Oh I am actually pregnant, this is a thing that is going to happen, now there’s this child that I am responsible for, forever…’ I had very little experience with babies, so we’ll see how it all goes… I am also excited to see how Jon reacts to having a baby in the house. Him in ‘dad mode’ is gonna be great.” [laughs]

Despite the “character change” for Mox, Renee knows he will be a good dad and noted that she’s probably going to portray the heel in the good cop, bad cop scenario of parenting.

“He’s gonna be such a good dad. I am so excited for him. I already know that any and all of our kids will be obsessed with him, I’ll be the bad guy for sure, he’ll be the babyface, I’ll be the heel. [laughs] Jon just has so much more patience than I do too, he’s very patient, his mood is always pretty much the same where like I can be all over the place, I feel like he’ll just always be that centered person, always in a good mood…”

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