Rich Swann Performs An Amazing Rendition Of Kane’s Theme On Acoustic Guitar … Also, Ethan Page Might Leave IMPACT Too

rich swann

Photo Credit: Ethan Page

You want to hear Kane’s theme beautifully done in a Carly Simon-esque fashion? Well listen to this tasty lick laid down by IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann on Ethan Page’s latest vlog.

Swann pulls out an acoustic guitar and begins to give a bit of a “slow hand” strum to what ends up being Kane’s entrance theme (the Finger Eleven “Slow Chemical” version) and ceremoniously intertwines his own rendition of the lyrics.

In other news, Ethan Page indicated in the video that this set of recent tapings they did might be the last he does with IMPACT Wrestling. Several other sources have reported Page is not expected to re-sign with IMPACT, and Page addresses that notion himself in the vlog.

On his fourth day of taping with IMPACT, Ethan has a clip spliced in where he talks about the potential of it being his last day of working with IMPACT. Chris Bey happens to be at his side when he makes his way to the building.

“Yo, this could be my last day ever working here. Pretty crazy, right?

“It sucks,” Bey states to that notion.

“For who?”

“Me,” says Bey as he embraces Ethan who laughs.

“Well, I might see you next you next year, I might not,” Ethan says to Finesse. “Either way, I see you blowing up on TV.

“Hey baby, put some water next to your TV,” Bey warns the viewers.

“Why?” Ethan asks.

“Cause if I blow up, you might want to hydrate yourself.”

Page also jokes around at the end of the video with Brian Myers and Bey after they finish the tapings, stating, “Happy New Year’s, Happy New Year’s and wish me the best in my future endeavors cause I fucking need it.” Check out the full vlog at the top of this post.

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