Don Callis Compares Himself To The Dalai Lama: Kenny Omega & I Are ‘Next Level Consciousness’

Don Callis

Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Don Callis compared himself and AEW World Champion Kenny Omega to the Dalai Lama during his interview with Busted Open Radio.

“The Invisible Hand” spoke with Dave LaGreca and IMPACT adversary Tommy Dreamer on Sirius XM’s hit wrestling show about his recent actions on AEW Dynamite recently, specifically the World Title screwjob that went down. LaGreca asks him outright if that was that a lesson in pro wrestling to Tony Khan and AEW?

“What’s that means is somebody got worked and people get worked all the time, not just in pro wrestling,” Callis clarifies. “Pro wrestling we have a name for it. In other areas of life, it’s just called being successful so if I ‘work’ someone, what I’m actually doing in the corporate parlance is out-maneuvering them. I’m smarter. So you can call me a ‘manipulative carny,’ you can call me a ‘worker,’ you can call me ‘old-school,’ whatever you want to call it, at the end of the day, what I am is successful. The winners write the history. I’m writing it right now.”

Callis then begins to set his target to Tony Khan and talks up the aforementioned out-maneuvering that he and Omega have orchestrated.

“Hey, listen, I probably think Tony Khan’s a very nice guy, it’s not personal. It’s nothing personal, but when the bus, if you want to call it that, is rolling some things get run over and that’s just how it works. Tony Khan understands the dynamic, he’s in the pro sports business. If one team is sub-standard and you run into a juggernaut, you’re probably taking an ‘L.’ Well Tony Khan took an ‘L’ last week and you know what? I would say to Tony ‘Look at the upside – you get to be part of history. You get to be a footnote to an addendum to an appendix in the history that Don Callis and Kenny Omega are writing on your own television show and you’re getting the benefit of that.’ So I think Tony is a good guy, obviously very smart, very successful, but people think on different levels. It’s like I said, ‘Some people make money, other people make history.’ Doesn’t mean the person that makes money, makes matches isn’t a nice person. It’s just a different level of consciousness, that’s what it really is. At the end of the day. It really is. It’s like comparing (no offense to Tommy) a ‘wrestler’ with a Dali Llama, Kenny and I are next level, next level consciousness and that’s not something you can buy. Sorry.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

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