Raquel Gonzalez Beats Ember Moon, Has Unfinished Business With Rhea Ripley

rhea ripley raquel gonzalez

Tonight’s episode of NXT ended with a big match between Ember Moon and Raquel Gonzalez, where the two superstars went at each other following Gonzalez helping her team come away with a win. Moon wasn’t able to get revenge, though, and the night ended with Rhea Ripley and Gonzalez staring each other down. 

Towards the end of the match, Gonzalez was able to fully dominate things despite an initial back-and-forth affair. After landed a huge clothesline on Moon that left her hurt, Gonzalez was nearly rolled up, but managed to avoid it and hit Moon with a devastating one-armed powerbomb for the win. Following the end of the match, Toni Storm made her down to the ring to attack Moon, but was stopped by Rhea Ripley, who came running down to the ring to save her friend. With Ripley watching from ringside, Storm simply left the ring, which allowed Rhea to get into the ring with Gonzalez and stare her down as the night ended. 

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

Moon tries a rana but Gonzalez counters. Moon tries a diving codebreaker but Gonzalez catches Moon in the air. Gonzalez slams Moon down to the mat. Gonzalez tosses Moon all over the ring. Moon tries to fire up. Moon lands a few dropkicks. Gonzalez drops to a knee. Moon blasts Gonzalez with a basement flatliner. Gonzalez rolls out to the apron. Moon hits a crossbody through the ropes, sending Gonzalez out to the floor. After the break, Gonzalez has Moon in a Gory Special. Moon turns it into a sunset flip but Gonzalez puts on the breaks. Moon hits the ropes and runs into a big boot by Gonzalez. Moon surprises Gonzalez with a spinning suplex. Front flip elbow by Moon. Moon lands a DDT for a near fall. Gonzalez lawn darts  Moon into the ring post. Moon kicks out. Moon kicks Gonzalez’s head into the ring post. Gonzalez kicks out. Moon goes up top. Moon tries the Eclypse but Gonzalez catches Moon in the air. Gonzalez levels Moon with a clothesline. Gonzalez sets up her powerbomb but Moon turns it into a  roll up. Gonzalez kicks out and immediately hit her patented one-armed powerbomb for the win.

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