Finn Balor To Defend Title At NXT: New Year’s Evil, Tells Scarlett He’s Ready For Karrion Kross

Image Credit: WWE

Tonight’s NXT opened up with Finn Balor addressing the NXT universe, but the champion was quickly interrupted by Pete Dunne, Kyle O’Reilly, Damian Priest, and even Scarlett. By the end of the segment, Balor confirmed he would be defending his title at NXT: New Year’s Evil, and that he was ready to take on Karrion Kross whenever Kross is ready to face him.

Balor was approached by Dunne, O’Reilly, and Priest in the ring tonight, where the trio essentially took turns mocking Balor for not being around due to his injury before they eventually turned on each other. As the three argued, Balor slipped out of the ring, causing Priest to turn his attention back to Finn and ask where he was going. Balor said that he would defend his title at NXT: New Year’s Evil, but who it would be against would be up to William Regal.

Just as he was set to leave, though, Balor was interrupted by Scarlett, who came out to the ramp to stare down Balor. Before she could speak, though, Balor said that he would be ready for Karrion Kross whenever the time came.

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