AEW Dynamite Results (12/9/20)

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AEW Dynamite, December 9, 2020

Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, FL

Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur

Tonight on AEW Dynamite, Sting sits down with Tony Schiavone for the first time in over 20 years to state why he has shown up in AEW while newly crowned World Champion Kenny Omega brings his “Invisible Hand” in Don Callis with him that promises to cause commotion in the wrestling world. Not only will Sting speak, but so will Shaq after The Big Diesel seems he wants a piece of Cody Rhodes.


The Young Bucks vs. The Hybrid 2

Before the match, Matt & Nick said that TH2 is in store for a superkick party before they are asked about Kenny Omega. They say they are happy for Kenny but haven’t talked to him in a week. TH2 immediately go on the attack but The Bucks ward them off and them send them to the outside. They do a diving maneuver on top of Evans and Angelico. Back in the ring, Nick and Matt work on Jack Evans, hitting a double dropkick on him before Angelico gets involved. It’s down to he and Nick as Nick goes on the offense. He drop toe holds Angelico allowing Matt to hit a double team leg drop. Bucks continue the dominate offense, but Jack Evans changes the tide by taking out Nick on the outside. Assisted 450 splash by TH2.  Near fall.

Big superkick to Evans and Angelico too. All men are down as Matt fights to the corner and both men tag their partners in. Nick is running wild, brother. Big springboard facebuster to Angelico, but he kicks out.  He soon superkicks Angelico and allows Matt to powerbomb Jack Evans into The Acclaimed at ringside. Angelico is down and The Bucks hit a Risky Business moonsault for a two count.Commentators note too much celebration by The Bucks potentionally. TH2 soon turn the tide once more and Jack hits a springboarf 450 for a very near fall. Matt reverses a corner Razor’s Edge on Angelico, and The Bucks go forward with big time offense. Doomsday Device on the outside before they hit a double-team superkick to Angelico in the ring. He kicks out. THey go for More Bang For Your Buck, but Angelico gets his knees up and Evans elinates Matt with a knee attack. This allows Angelico to lock in his leg submission, but a senton by Nick breaks it all up. Matt is in great pain as his brother motivates him to get to his feet for a Meltzer Driver. They fight it off to the outside but The Bucks make the most of it with a spike piledriver onto Evans. They isolate Angelico for a stereo set of superkicks. Angelico is out and they hit the BTE Trigger on Angelico for the win.

WINNERS: The Young Bucks

Post-match, The Acclaimed come to attack The Bucks, but SCU come in for the save.

We cut to a fiery MJF who insults Orange Cassidy  and says he’s going to hurt all the smart marks’ feelings by showing everybody he’s better of them and they know it.

Darby Allin is doing a Rorschach test with some sideburned individual. HE runs through a series of them and each one of them reminds him of a member of Team Taz. He sees one resembling Brian Cage and calls him a puppet, but also the number one contender to the TNT Title. Finally Dr. Sideburns shows him one with Sting facepaint and it causes Allin to snicker.

Back from break, Tony Schiavone is standing in the ring with Cody and Arn. He wants to get Cody’s reaction to Sting’s appearance last week, but before he can “The Icon’s” music hits and the snow begins to fall. Out comes Sting with a slight grin on his face. All men are properly dressed for the winter-like elements. Big “Sting” chants as Arn holds the mic. He says, “Sorry, I just had to get a little close to make sure this was real.” He knows both he and Cody have an agenda and The Enforcer excuses himself. Tony is about to do the same, but Sting wants a hug. He gives Schiavone major props. He wants Tony to do i”It’s Stiiiiing!” Once more and the voice of WCW obliges. “This is awesome” chants. Cody coyly welcomes him back. He thinks he should thank him for having the assist last week, but wants to get to the point. He’s been wanting to share the ring with him for a very long time. Sting tells Cody he’s not here for him, at least right now. There’s something really, really familiar about this place. We see Darby sitting ringside. As he looks ringside he sees this as the jungle and matters have come full circle: Sting is on TNT once again. “Welcome back” chants. Cody patronizingly welcomes him back. Sting says he knows Cody knows everything that goes on in this place, but the only thing to know about Sting is nothing is for sure. He has officially signed with AEW and he plans on being a part of this promotion for a long time and plans to spend a lot of time right here. The way he chooses to play is his own business. He puts his arm around Cody, grins and says, “See ya around, kid.”

We cut to Team Taz who is standing with Taz’s son hook. Taz runs down Sting and builds up his new crew before Starks reveals that Hook is training with them now. “Who bettah?” asks Cage.


The Varsity Blondes (Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison) vs. FTR (w/ Tully Blanchard)

Cash and Brian Pillman Jr. tie it up and go back and forth before Cash gets the better. Tag to Dax as he isolates Brian further with suplexes. Brian fires back with a big crossbody to the duo and then tags in Griff Garrison. Garrison works the arm of Cash and a crisp series of moves gets a one count for the Blondes. Brian goes to dive onto Cash but Dash avoids. They vert suplex hang Brian over the ropes. We go to picture-in-picture.

During the break FTR hit a backbreaker/elbow drop double team. They fight with Brian on the outside. Dax and he brawl it out. Pillman hits a springboard shoulderblock and tags in Griff Garrison with some rock hard strikes and lariats. Double spear to FTR and covers Dax for a near fall. Griff gets shoved but Brian tags himself in. Big brainbuster by Dax that prompts JR for a Dick Murdoch reference. They hit a Goodnight Express for the 1-2-3.


Marvez is with Hangman Page who says he’s in a three-man tag against Private Party and Matt Hardy, but Page isn’t listed to have partners. Up comes Alex Reynolds and John Silver behind the bar with cowboy hats on. They offer their help but Page isn’t really about that. Finally, he accepts but makes it clear he’s not joining The Dark Order.


10 vs. Dustin Rhodes (w/ Lee Johnson)

10 shoves Dustin down after a lock up but Dustin fires back with some shots. 10 takes it to the outside and hits Dustin on the steel side before bringing him back to the canvas for monster spinebuster similar to Booker T. 10 dumps Dustin out again and is getting major boos.

Dustin gets back in the ring as 10 pump kicks Aaron Solow at ringside. Dustin turns the offense on with major lariats to 10 before biting him in the corner. Dusin soon gets the pinfall on 10.

WINNER: Dustin Rhodes

Out comes Evil Uno. He says he can’t change their past, but he can change their future. He calls Dustin the third most important Rhodes. He offers Dustin to be “7” of The Dark Order. “What do you say, 7>: asks Uno. Dustin holds up his hand before slapping him. Uno prompts The Dark Order to back off. He says once Dustin understands what Uno understands, he’ll be begging for it.

Tony Schivaone is sitting with Brandi and Shaq. Shaq puts over Jade, but doesn’t appreciate what she did to Brandi. Brandi isn’t pleased about it, but hopes they can settle it. Shaq makes it clear that he was just having fun on Twitter. He loves The Rohodes family.  He looks forward to Jade and Brandi face to face. Everything looks settled as Brandi shakes both their hands, but Shaq takes one last dig at her by saying she should watch Jade to learn from her. Brandi says she’s sick of this and throws water in Shaq’s face before calling him an overgrown asshole.

Out come The Inner Circle. Jericho says it’s a very serious night for them as it’s the last time you could be seeing them in the ring together. He says the shit that has been going is not what he wanted or intended. Last week was embarrassing and sickening. He describes all of the decention and notes that Santana is so pissed off he isn’t even here. MJF takes the mic and says he loves all of them like brothers, but he’s starting to understand what’s going on. He thinks he himself may be the issue here. People think he wants to break up this group and maybe they’re starting to believe that. MJF wanted to be a part of the greatest faction ever. He then accuses Sammy once more of throwing in the towel, but Jericho notes that they all saw what happened. MJF said he had sweat on his brow. Ortiz gets on the mic and basically says he likes Wardlow, and MJF? He’s growing on him (like a fungus) but he’s growing on him. He prompts Sammy to shake Max’s hand. Be the better man. Sammy says he will shake his hand. He thanks Chris for bringing him in The Inner Circle, but if one more thing happens, he will personally quit The IC. He’s serious. They shake hands. Chris thinks everthing is finally cool now. It’s not. Hager and Wardlow begin to argue. They’re creeping one another out. Chris wants them to stop staring at each other. They agree to do so. Chris wants them all to grow together. It’s time to agree to the future. Max goes to put himself over in the main event tonight, but they all put their middle fingers in the middle together Shield style.

Marvez is with FTR and Tully. He mentions them beating The Varsity Blondes. Cash takes responsibilty for The Full Gear loss, but so does Tully. Dax runs down Jungle Boy and says their goal is still those AEW Tag Titles.


Eddie Kingston, The Butcher & The Blade (w/ The Bunny) vs. Lance Archer & The Lucha Brothers (w/ Jake Roberts)

Archer dives on top of his foes and the brawl immediately spills to the outside which makes Aubrey Edwards delays from starting the match. Penta gets put through a table on the outside and is carried off by officials before the bell rings. Big cross body by The Butcher to Rey. Tag to Blade and they isolate Rey. Kingston takes some shots. Eddie chokes Rey as Lance boils on the apron. Tag to Blade who continues to keep Rey Fenix down. Cheap shot by The Bunny. Big boos. Eddie taunts Rey to his feet, but Fenix hits a handspring cutter. Eddie is dazed, but both men tag in their partners. Archer full nelson slams Blade before he and Butcher duke it out. He then splashes both men in the opposite corners and we go to break.

Back from break, Jake gets involved with The Blade, allowing Lance to suplex him. Tag to Rey Fenix. He goes on an amazing series of offensive high-flying. Rey looks to have hit his head and Aubrey check out it. Butcher and Blade soon hit a powerbomb neckbreaker on Rey for the W.

WINNERS: Butcher, Blade & Kingston

Post-match, Lance Archer destroys everybody. He gives Blade a Blackout, but Butcher pulls his partner free. Archer talks trash to the family.

Nyla Rose, Jade Cardill and Vickie Guerrero look to assault Red Velvet, but is saved by Serena Deeb and others. Chaos back there, folks.


Tesha Price vs. Abadon

Tesha (Tasha? j/k) looks frightened AF and Abadon assaults her with shots and then hits a powerful back leg trip. She puts Tesha in a Gory Special Neckbreaker for the win.

WINNER: Abadon

She continues to assault Tesha post-match but out comes Hikaru Shida with her Kendo stick. She looks a little apprehensive, but hits Abadon flush against the noggin. Abadon sits right up, prompting the two to leave.

Chris Jericho is backstage with The IC and Dasha. He tells her that they’re going to be ringside for MJF’s match against Orange Cassidy.

Back from break, Kenny Omega arrives in a helicopter. So does Don Calllis with pink socks. Marves tries to get word with the two, but they’ll see them all in the ring.

Tony Schiavone has Callis and Kenny in the ring. He said he’s never been more disgusted in his life. Callis welcomes Tony Khan to the wrestling business, kid. He says he was there for the Montreal Screwjob, but this time the stakes are bigger. How did they cook it all up? It took years. Callis watched Kenny all along the way, like an Invisible Hand. They mention the Tokyo Dome match between Kenny and Jericho. They basically created AEW because of that match. He then introduces Kenny officially.

Kenny says they plotted and planned for over a year. He believes they pulled off nepotism off successfully the most in AEW. Everything pales in comparison to his AEW World Title, which is the most prestigious prize in all of pro wrestling. He called that match last week was a performance, a work of art. He doesn’t care who fell for it, but it mattered that Mox did. He fell for it. Yeah, he used the mic, but nobody kicks out of the One-Winged Angel. Now Kenny makes history and there will be more surprises to come. He does his “Good night & goodbye, bang!” Schtick.


MJF (w/ Inner Circle) vs. Orange Cassidy (w/ The Best Friends)

MJF immediately goes after OC when the bell rings. He breaks Orange’s sunglasses. Suplex but an immediate kickout by Orange. Orange throws his own shirt at Max who chokes OC with it. MJF goes for a suplex but Orange hits him with a Stundog Millionaire. The two fight on the apron. Orange goes for his Orange Punch, but accidentally hits the ring post. He pockets Orange’s hands in his back pockets and powerbombs him on the apron.

MJF torques Orange’s fingers in between the turnbuckle cable before he sends him back in the ring. MJF continues to twist the fingers of Orange who soon corners Max but MJF continues his offense. We’re heading to a picture-in-picture break, but before that. Max distracts Bryce Remsburg, allowing all of The Inner Circle to attack Orange. He gets sent back in the ring and we cut to break.

During the break, The Best Friends bring out a bunch of the locker room to level the odds out. Orange finds his offensive groove with a tope, a crossbody and a tornado DDT. Diving DDT gets Orange a near fall. MJF stomps o the hand of MJF, but Orange rolls him up for a near fall.  MJF soon hits a shoulder breaker and then a double underhook powerbomb, but Orange kicks out. Max is frustrated.  He goes for The Heatseeker but Orange dumps him out. OC springboard sentons onto The Inner Circle. The match does get back in the ring and hits his Heatseeker. MJF covers with his feet on the ropes. The bat gets tossed to Max who tries to make it look like Orange hit him it, but Orange turns it around and makes it looks like Max did it. Bryce tosses out the bat. MJF attempts for his Salt of The Earth, but two different Orange Punches change everything. Brawl begins on the outside with the IC and babyfaces. As this goes on, Miro takes out Orange and this allows MJF to get the pinfall.

WINNER and Dynamite Diamond Champion: MJF

Miro takes out a whole bunch of security guards as MJF gloats with his recently reacquired Diamond Ring, stating he beat Orange clean.