IMPACT Wrestling Results (12/8/20)

IMPACT Wrestling Results

Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling, new AEW World Champion Kenny Omega makes an appearance along with his longtime friend Don Callis to address the wrestling world of their intentions post-defeat of Jon Moxley of AEW Dynamite.

IMPACT Wrestling, December 8, 2020

Commentators: Josh Mathews & Madison Rayne

IMPACT starts off with an overhead shot of a tour bus making its way towards Nashville and it’s one that happens to contain the new AEW World Champion, Kenny Omega and IMPACT executive Don Callis. Josh Matthews reveals that he’ll be getting on that bus to have a sit-down interview with the two later tonight.


Josh Alexander (with Ethan Page) vs. Chris Sabin (with Alex Shelley)

The two lock up and it’s Sabin who gets the better with an armdrag. Lock up two leads to a kick in the gut via Alexander, but the two go back and forth with arm drags with Sabin on the upperhand again with an arm wrench. Alexander catches Sabin with a rolling Samoan and stomps on Sabin. Knees to the gut of Chris as Alexander assesses his fallen adversary. Backbreaker for a two count.

Hard chop from Josh in the corner and Sabin turns it around for a few of his own. Alexander knocks him down. Knee drop to the face of Sabin for another two count.

Alexander twists the arm of Sabin as Shelley watches on. Matters speed up as Sabin gets a school boy for two. Quick kick by Sabin downs Josh. Manhattan Drop. Crucifix pin attempt for another fall attempt. Chris throws Alexander out before tope-ing on top of him via the entryway.

Back in the ring, Sabin serves up a cross body off the top rope for a two count. Sabin goes to pick Alexander up but Josh jostles him off. The two continue their back and forth until Alexander hits a knee powerbomb onto the back of Sabin. Two count. Impressive spot.

Enziguri by Sabin, but Alexander hits an exploder suplex to even the odds. Sabin recovers and hits a top rope missile dropkick. Standing shining wizard by Sabin. Ripcord elbow by Josh downs Sabin hard. Ethan tells him to drop him on his head and he goes to do it, but Sabin uses the momentum to roll through and get the jackknife cover for the out-of-nowhere three count.

WINNER: Chris Sabin

Mathews and Madison further discuss the upcoming Omega interview before we cut to a very silent Moose and an outgoing Chris Bey who is all types of talkative. Moose shows him his fists and basically says they do the speaking for him. Bey reminds Moose that he’s going to want to be talking to him after Saturday’s Final Resolution when he becomes the new champ. Moose says he guesses he’ll talk to him after Saturday then before making his exit.

A Jim Crockett Promotions style advertisement comes on via “paid ad” with Tony Schiavone and casually dressed Tony Khan. Khan says he thought he’d help fund the show instead of trying to stop it. He specifically says he doesn’t like the way Omega handled his AEW Title match against Moxley. It was a joke, it was disgraceful. Mox didn’t deserve that. He invites Don Callis to come on his show tomorrow before they plug their own card. Tony Khan expresses his interest in IMPACT’s tag teams, but puts over the Young Bucks as the GOAT. He reminds Schiavone that he spent a brief spell in IMPACT before he quit the biz for 18 years.


Brian Myers vs. TJP

Lock up and Brian shoves him off. He talks trash to TJP. Back on their feet, another lock up and it’s Myers who makes the most of it at first, but TJP flourishes it into a dropkick. That pisses Myers off who stews on the apron.

TJP soon catches Myers on the apron later on and cinches in a sharpshooter. Myers reaches the ropes for a break. Myer regains control and elbows TJP in the back of the head. He stomps him before talking trash to the ref. Big handstand by TJP which throws off Myers enough for a head scissors onto the outside. TJP sends him back in but it’s Myers who cuts him down. He ends up being the battler that tosses TJP to the outside for a commercial break.

Back from it, TJP gives Brian a tornado DDT to even it all out. The ref gets to four before the men stand up. Springboard lariat by TJP and he delivers three suplexes similar to Eddie G. TJP misses a dive and Myers hits him with an elevated flatliner for a near fall. Myers goes for his signature clothesline but TJP wraps him in a leg lock. Myers once more makes it to the ropes. Myers gives TJP a shot to the gut on the apron and uses the ropes to hang him, but TJP hits him with a back suplex in the ring. TJP goes for his Mamba Splash, but Brian gets his knees up and rolls him for a near fall. Another leg lock by TJP. Myers throws the ref at TJP and then makes the most of it by hitting TJP with a spinebuster. He hits his clothesline finisher and gets the pinfall.

WINNER: Brian Myers

We see a brooding Cody Deaner. Cousin Jake asks him if he’s ready. Jake says “we got this.” Deaner says this isn’t about “we” but it’s about him. Jake notes that Doering will be at Eric Young’s side. Deaner says Jake can come out with him, but he makes him promise no matter what he sees going down, Jake cannot get involved.

TJP looks frustrated from his loss and Rohit comes in to rub it in. 2020 has been his year and he’s become the greatest X-Division Champion. He says the last Defeat Rohit Challenge will occur at Final Resolution. Someone who won’t be challenging for it is TJP. As Rohit walks off TJP tells him “good luck.”


Eric Young (with Joe Doering) vs. Cody Deaner (with Cousin Jake)

Deaner charges at EY but eats a back elbow, back body drop. EY goes on the offensive and hammers at the back of Deaner, but Cody clashes on top of him with a flurry of punches. Deaner stomps a mudhole into EY as he yells at him he’s not a nobody.

Back on top EY stomps away at Deaner further before EY chokes him on the top rope. Jake stays true to his word and doesn’t get involved. Modified DVD gets a near fall by EY. Deaner soon gets a sunset flip for two, but EY hits him hard with a lariat. Deaner begs EY to hit him and EY obliges. Front chancery by Young but a flurry of lariats by Deaner allows him to lay on a bodyslam. Deaner and Jake interact a bit which causes him to miss a diving headbutt. Piledriver by Eric Young gets the victory.

WINNER: Eric Young

Post-match, EY and Doering attack Deaner and Jake goes after them. However, Doering annihilates him with a short-arm lariat. The duo look to put away the Deaners but out comes Rhino with a lead pipe.

Tommy Dreamer settles John E. Bravo down backstage and in enter XXXL. Larry D challenges Dreamer to a match at Final Resolution. If Larry wins, he walks away a free man. Dreamer agrees.

We see Scott D’Amore and in comes Tommy. Scott can’t stand wrestlers making matches. Tommy is concerned with Kenny and Don being here. He’s lived it, worked it and it never worked out. Scott’s all about the hype. Tommy’s biggest concern is about Don who is always about himself. It always blows up. Scott says it’s “blowing up” in a good way. Kenny Omega is in the parking lot, Kenny Omega is gonna be on the show tonight. Retweet, brother. Tommy says he trusts Scott and everything ends somewhat amicably.