Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Ultimate Edition Series 7 – Hollywood Hogan & The Fiend – In-Depth Review (Photos)

On the latest Collector’s Corner we take a look at Mattel WWE Ultimate Edition Series 7! This set features:

  • Hollywood Hulk Hogan
  • The Fiend

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The Packaging

Hogan and Fiend feature the same packaging as the previous sets with the larger, window box. In the window you can see them and all their included accessories, hands, heads and more. One side of the box features their name while the opposite side an image of them while on the back of the box highlights the superstar with statistics and information followed by more images.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan

Up first we have a figure that has been desired for five years now, a Mattel WWE Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Hogan was supposed to be an Elite many years ago until his whole lawsuit caused WWE to banish him from the company. Once Mattel got the rights to him again they put him in the Ultimate line, which probably was the best thing they could do to do the figure justice.

The Ultimate Hogan comes with a ton of accessories, including multiple expression heads, gloved hands, sunglasses, a removable bandana, boas, and a spray painted nWo WCW Championship. Hogan also features a removable, rippable nWo shirt that velcros in the center as well as a weight belt you can latch. But one of the coolest features on this figure is the fact he has butterfly shoulder joints, which is a first for the Ultimate line and is to be expected moving forward.

Looking at his attire, his removable shirt is awesome. It even has the holes in the back of it to make it authentic, but what is nice is that it secures fastened well in the front in that you barely notice it has a velcro piece. He has painted on white wrist tape as well as new molded gloves. Unfortunately they didn’t give him more open hands to do his other taunts, but it’s still nice regardless. He also has his weight belt, which oddly says nWo on it instead of Hollywood. I’m not sure what that is about but I found it odd. His tights though are greatly detailed with the lightening logos as well as his super detailed boots with his face on them. He also has the boot toe joints if you didn’t know.

Overall, this Hogan is a great figure and comes with some awesome accessories and interchangeable heads. The removable bandana is a nice feature as is everything else, but the butterfly joints make this figure that much more special. There are some questionable things on it, such as the logo on the weight belt and the lack of some hands, but it’s still really well done. I highly recommend picking it up as there is no word on any other Hollywood Hogans at the moment, but I’m sure we will start seeing more of him in the future.

“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt

Next up we have The Fiend in Ultimate form and man is this a cool figure. Fiend features a lot of new tooling and actually comes with entrance jacket with swappable jacket arms. He also comes with a new, swappable head with his tongue sticking out through the mask as well as open hands and his custom Fiend championship belt, which is awesome.

Fiend features a somewhat smaller, more proportionate torso than his Elite had. He also has different types of legs than the Elite with a better “red” paint app on the pants than the Elite had as well. You can see all the detail in his tattoos, his pants and especially his boots with the buckles, straps and other details his Elite didn’t include. Oddly they did not include his lantern with this one, which I think they should’ve considering it features his entire entrance look. Fiend’s jacket is made of rubber to showcase all the detail in it as well as comes with swappable arms that pop out easily. You can see him fully decked out in the jacket in the gallery below. Not to mention his tank top features his logos and other designs on it that you can see faintly.

Fiend’s belt accessory on the other is a thing of beauty I must say. The detail on it is fantastic to say the least. You can see all the detail in his face, wording and overall design of it as it is a fresh, new mold made just for this figure. It’s a really awesome accessory and the belt just barely fits around his waist if you desired to display him that way even though he wore it moreso around his neck.

Overall, this is the best Fiend action figure to date and probably the only one you’d need. I’d just recommend picking up his lantern someehow, perhaps on ebay, if you didn’t get his Elite prior to this one. That would ultimately complete this figure, but besides that it is really well done. The detail in the gloves, his jacket, the mask, his tattoos and his boots and pants is great. I highly recommend picking this figure up if you get the chance.


Overall, this is the best Ultimate set to date in my opinion. It also features my childhood favorite and my current favorite guy, so it resonates with me a lot as a whole. Both figures are really well done, too. They have their pros and cons of course but I’d definitely recommend picking these up on Ringside. Supposedly these will hit retail eventually but the last few sets have yet to shown up at retail so pick these up on Ringside while you can!

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