WWE RAW Results (12/7/20)

Miz TV

Miz and  Morrison’s guest tonight is AJ Styles. Miz notes that Styles’ title match at  TLC is going to be a TLC match. Morrison asks how Styles is going to handle that. Styles says this is the first time he’s ever had a match against McIntyre. Styles says he is going to destroy McIntyre and win the WWE Championship. Morrison notes that will be cool if McIntyre makes to TLC as champion. Morrison and Miz both do terrible impressions of Sheamus and McIntyre. Sheamus walks out and says that was great. Sheamus says he is tired of hearing everyone say he is going to turn on his best friend McIntyre. Miz and Morrison tell Sheamus that he is outnumbered.

Sheamus says they aren’t exactly right on that. McIntyre joins Sheamus in the ring. McIntyre tells Styles that he doesn’t make threats, he makes promises. Doesn’t matter how many advantages Styles has, McIntyre will come out on top. McIntyre says Miz has no balls but uses Morrison as a replacement (basically *shrug*). McIntyre and Sheamus beat up Miz and Morrison as Styles watches outside the ring next to Omos. McIntyre chucks the Money in the Banks briefcase from the ring to the stage.

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