Possible Broken Arm For Candice LeRae, Injury Update On Bobby Fish After NXT TakeOver War Games

Triple H took part in an NXT TakeOver post-show media call on Sunday night and was asked about Candice LeRae’s status and any other injuries after tonight’s War Games event. It looked like LeRae suffered an arm injury in the Women’s War Games match that opened the show, and HHH said she may have had a broken arm but they were waiting for more news.

Triple H also mentioned that Bobby Fish had lacerations on his elbow after the Men’s WarGames match, but nothing is finalized at that time.

“For the most part, it’s bumps and bruises on everybody, what you would expect out of this. Candice is getting checked out now, she’s getting her X-Rays and checked out. So, I really don’t have a status update yet on that, but you are correct. Possibly a broken arm, maybe. We’re not sure yet, but we’ll see where it goes.”

“Bobby Fish got a little bit of a laceration on his elbow, but we’re not exactly sure if just the elbow. We’re just waiting to see on that, but other than that, no, just bumps and bruises. I hold my breath on these kinds of shows every single time and tonight was certainly no different. If that’s the extent of it then we did well.”

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