Gerald Brisco Pays Tribute To Pat Patterson: ‘You Weren’t A Friend To Pat, You Were A Brother’

pat patterson

Photo Credit: WWE

The death of Pat Patterson has rocked both the WWE and the professional wrestling industry as a whole. Now close friend Gerald Brisco has given his thoughts in a new video released by WWE.

“Pat Patterson was just a colossal character of a human being in our profession,” said Brisco (transcription courtesy of Fightful). “He had so much knowledge. Working with Pat was like working with an encyclopedia, you could ask him a question about any time, any era, in any town and he had a story. He saw the history of our business, the impact that he’s had on World Wrestling Entertainment throughout its inception is so valuable. To me, he was the most wonderful person and the most giving person. Pat was one of those guys that just gave you everything that you ever asked for and more. This business was Pat Patterson. Pat was a businessman 24/7. But Pat loved to have his good times.”

“You make friendships, and when you make a friendship, you know it’s true — a true friendship, true bond, because we go through so many rough times on the road and away from your family and your friends. But Pat was always there and if you were down, Pat could read you, Pat had a special special trait about him where he knew that something was wrong with you and he would get out and pull that out of you. He was magic like that. You weren’t a friend of Pat Patterson’s, you were a brother to Pat. Whether you’re a sound technician, a cameraman, our producer, director. It didn’t matter. Pat Patterson was your friend for life and he would stick up for you.”

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