Shotzi Blackheart Wins WarGames Advantage, Gains Final Team Member

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Shotzi Blackheart and Raquel Gonzalez met in the ring tonight to determine who would have an advantage heading into the upcoming NXT TakeOver: WarGames pay-per-view, and not only did she come away with a win, but a potential fourth member of her WarGames team as well.

During the match, Shotzi and Raquel went at it with all they had, but it was Blackheart who managed to survive long enough thanks to some help. Towards the end of things, Candice LeRae and her WarGames team got involved in things, which led to Rhea Ripley and Ember Moon coming down to help out. In the process, Io Shirah shocked everyone by running down to ringside and taking down Gonzalez in the ring, before moonsaulting off the ropes and taking down everyone. With Gonzalez still out of it after being tossed out and moonsaulted by Shirai, Shotzi was able to climb the ladder and grab the briefcase. With her celebrating at the top of the ladder, Moon, Shirai, and Ripley all joined her, seemingly cementing Blackheart’s WarGames team.

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

Blackheart climbs the other side of the ladder. Blackheart and Gonzalez both fall off the ladder. Blackheart hits a senton that drives Gonzalez’s head into the ladder. Gonzalez falls out of the ring. Blackheart crushes Gonzalez with a dive. Indi Hartwell brings a ladder over to LeRae’s platform so LeRae and Co can get involved. Ripley and Moon run down to ringside. Hartwell tries to climb the ladder but Blackheart cuts her off. Gonzalez climbs the ladder. Io Shirai appears out of nowhere and springboards onto Gonzalez’s back. Shirai puts Gonzalez in a sleeper. Gonzalez eventually knocks Shriai off of her back. Shirai dumps Gonzalez over the top rope. Shirai moonsaults to the outside onto everyone. Blackheart climbs the ladder and pulls down the case for the win.

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