Rumor Killer: Skystorm Productions Denies Working On WCW Reboot

No, World Championship Wrestling isn’t coming back in 2021 and Skystorm Productions isn’t involved as claimed on social media.

Earlier today, a tweet from Twitter account @WCW_2021 claimed that the now-defunct wrestling promotion was coming back next year. The announcement had plenty of red flags and World Wrestling Entertainment, who owns the WCW intellectual property, never commented on the alleged news. However, it did note that Skystorm Productions was going to be involved in the reboot.

Skystorm has worked with a number of companies including WWE and Fox Sports, so there was certainly a wrestling connection to be made. WrestleZone reached out to Skystorm to get to the bottom of the situation.

“We have not made any arrangements, partnerships or agreements with WCW,” Skystorm producer John Haslam told WrestleZone via email. “We received email inquiry for production services on 12/1 early this morning and have responded to the inquiry. But no discussion has been made as of yet.  The posting on FB and Twitter was done without our knowledge or consent.”

With an email being sent to Skystorm about the deal, it seems likely that an overzealous fan without knowledge of IP law or copyrights is trying to bring back WCW or it is just the work of a troll. Either way, don’t expect it to happen.

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