Ring Of Honor Final Battle Adds Anticipated Grudge Match


Photo: EC3

Ring of Honor Final Battle has its first match made official.

Jay Briscoe is getting his wish as he’ll go one-on-one with EC3 again in a grudge match. Briscoe previously was disqualified after feeling disrespected by EC3 and violating the “Code of Honor.” Besides this bout, all championships will also be defended at the show.

Here’s the official announcement from ROH:

A grudge match between the two rugged competitors and former world champions has been signed for the Final Battle pay-per-view on Dec. 18.

It’s a rematch from their first meeting, which took place on “Ring of Honor Wrestling” two weeks ago, although that wasn’t really much of a match.

EC3 got in Briscoe’s head in that bout by refusing to look him in the eye as he repeatedly extended his hand to the ROH original for the Code of Honor. The gesture infuriated Briscoe, who was disqualified less than two minutes into the contest for refusing to take his boot from EC3’s throat in the corner.

EC3, who has said that he came to ROH to find out if honor is real, claims that Briscoe’s actions proved it isn’t.

“Jay, you proved honor is not real. You proved yourself to be a hypocrite,” EC3 said after the match. “I got into your head so deep that you threw away everything you stand for, everything you fight for, everything you believe in.”

Briscoe was more succinct with his post-match comments. When asked why he wouldn’t uphold the Code of Honor and allowed himself to be disqualified, Briscoe responded: “Because, f**k him. That’s why.”

Briscoe has become so obsessed with EC3 that his brother, Mark, has decided to look for another partner in his quest to become a 12-time ROH World Tag Team Champion.

Will Briscoe solve his EC3 problem at Final Battle? Or will EC3 make a huge statement by defeating the two-time former ROH World Champion on ROH’s biggest pay-per-view of the year? Join us on pay-per-view or streaming for HonorClub to find out!

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