ROH Wrestling Results (11/30/20): Brody King vs. Shane Taylor

In a video package, Brody King reflects on his victory over Dalton Castle. He says he has a lot in common with Shane Taylor. King states that he’s driven by championship gold. King compares their similar blend of power and speed. He knows they both want the world title, but he’s going to prove he deserves a shot.

Taylor says his win over Kenny King helped lift a huge weight off his shoulders. He says he wants to keep climbing the ranks, so he’s focused on Brody King. He also says they’re a lot alike and calls Brody’s fans hypocrites for cheering for the masked man. Taylor says he won’t let King stop him from achieving his goals. Taylor wants the power, recognition and respect that come with the world title.

Brody King vs. Shane Taylor

The big men exchange shoulder blocks and strikes. King chops Taylor several times and drills him with a forearm. King hits a cannonball onto Taylor outside the ring and dominates for a few minutes. He tosses Taylor around ringside. Taylor plants King on the floor with a DDT.

Taylor rocks King with three forearms and sends him into the barricade. A running kick sends King crashing through the security barrier, and King barely avoids a countout loss. Taylor overpowers King and plants him with a spinebuster for a two count. King blasts Taylor with a big boot and hits another cannonball. King slams Taylor with a Spicolli Driver in the corner. Taylor blasts King with a knee to the head and a headbutt. King slams Taylor for a two count.

Taylor gets a near fall with a package piledriver. King pins Taylor after a flurry of offense and a lariat.

Winner: Brody King

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