WWE RAW Results (11/30/20)

Symphony of Destruction Match: Elias vs. Jeff Hardy

Hardy and Elias trade shots. Hardy sends Elias to the outside area. Hardy dives off the ring steps with a violin but Elias blasts him with a flying knee. Elias electric chair drops Hardy on the apron. Elias motions towards the piano, which is moving for some reason. Elias opens the lid and R-Truth is inside it. R-Truth runs way. Lucha House Party and Gulak all run down to the ring after R-Truth. Hardy and Elias beat up everyone chasing R-Truth. During the break, Hardy fires up and almost lands the Twist of Fate. Elias whips Hardy into a guitar set up in the corner.

Elias puts a few guitar picks in his fist like claws. Elis punches Hardy in the head with the sharp picks over and over again. Elias slams Hardy into a drum set. Elias tries a running knee but Hardy moves out of the way. Elias crashes into a gong. Hardy Irish whips Elias into the drum set. Hardy calls for the Twist of Fate but thinks better of it when he sees a guitar near. Hardy tries to hit Elias with the guitar but Elias ducks. Hardy tries the whisper in the wind but Elias wacks him with the guitar in midair.

Hardy gets his hand on the bottom rope. Elias tries to stab Hardy with a jagged edge of the broken guitar. Hardy moves and Elias stabs a speaker and is electrocuted. Hardy hits Elias in the back with a bass. Hardy puts Elias on a table. Hardy hits the Swanton to the outside, putting Elias through a table. Hardy hits his head on the back of the ring steps in the process. Hardy pins Elias.

Winner- Jeff Hardy

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